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Tina Clearwater, Body Mind Psychotherapist Melbourne Victoria

Mobile: 0419 575682
Email: tinaclearwater1@gmail.com

Tina works as a holistic Counsellor and Body Mind Psychotherapist in Melbourne Victoria.  She is fully qualified as a Core Energetics Psychotherapist and Ego State Therapist.  Tina also offers extensive work using voice dialogue, body work / massage treatments drawing on many therapeutic sources which complement each other very well. In her sessions she offers strategies and solutions to her clients assisting them with their overall health and well being by offering each individual respect, attention and personal care. She aims to assist clients to re-gain and maintain their own sense of good health and well-being, by helping them to understand their own body and their natural ability to create and heal in all areas of their life.  She helps clients overcome challenges, gain a sense of direction, and provide clarity to their experiences. She is dedicated to offering better preventive steps to support and increase vitality. She works with a range of issues, including personal and relationship difficulties, parenting concerns, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, hopelessness, weight problems, grief and loss, stress relief,  addictions and co dependence. Concessions are available in certain cases.

Body Psychotherapy helps people deal with their concerns not only through talking, but also by helping people become deeply aware of their bodily sensations as well as their emotions, images and behaviour patterns. Clients become more conscious of how they breathe, move, speak, and where they experience feelings in their bodies. People seek Body Psychotherapy for the same reasons they seek talking or any form of psychotherapy (e.g. anxiety, depression, relationship problems), but also for physical problems (e.g. headaches, lower back pain).


Over a period of 10 years Tina has facilitated and coordinated self-development and coaching programs events and workshops specializing in the area of workplace stress management / reduction as well as trauma and anger release work and programs for the development of emotional intelligence.

Tina overcame many personal hurdles, after being severely injured in a motor car accident and she then went on to become very successful in creating and expanding a variety of businesses.  Drawing on her focus, passion, determination she had become a leader in her field, becoming the Director of Clearwater Consultancy and Energy E~Motion for over 20 years.

Over the last 20 years Tina has been passionately interested in self-development, personal growth and spiritual healing. In the last 10 years Tina has successfully completed an advanced Somatic Psychotherapy training and is currently building her practice in Melbourne Victoria.  In recent years, she has become specifically interested in the resolution of trauma and sexual abuse.

Bringing her early interest in Revealing THE HUMAN ESSENCE and her passion in helping others to Experience Their Full Potential she now facilitates regular POWER OF PASSION workshops and process groups.  Participants experience Physical, Emotional and Creative Release Work.

Her life experience, integrity, fun and down to earth nature create a sense of trust with her clients.

“My aim is to assist you to re-gain and maintain your own sense of good health and well-being and help you understand your own body and your innate ability to create, inspire and heal in all parts of your life. I am dedicated to offering you better preventive steps to support yourself and increase your own vitality.”   Tina Clearwater


Tina has a private therapy practice in Melbourne Victoria.  She is the Director and owner of Clearwater Therapeutic Massage and Emotional Fitness Centre Melbourne Victoria.

You can ring Tina on 0419575682 or email tinaclearwater1@gmail.com


Advanced Diploma Core Energetics Psychotherapy, Core Energetics Australia (2006)

Diploma Core Energetics Psychotherapy, Core Energetics Australia (2005)

Diploma Community Welfare Service Work Carrick Institute Melbourne (2011)

Diploma Ego State Therapy Australian Ego State therapy association (2007)

Voice Dialogue (2006)

Certificate W.M.W.P. Bodywork Body W.M.W.P. Melbourne (2004)

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