Teleheath Services

Teleheath Services

Telehealth information – what you need to know

Our Teleheath services are digital mental health appointments by audio or videoconference which connects yourself with your Perth Energetics Institute mental health psychotherapist or counsellor.

People can access our Telehealth Mental Health Services from anywhere in the world, bearing in mind the potential time zone differences. As a Telehealth Provider we offer Telehealth Services for new and existing clients who for some reason are unable to attend a face-to-face counselling or psychotherapy appointment in Perth with Energetics Institute.

We offer Telehealth Mental Health services for individuals wanting support for such issues as Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, PTSD, Addictions, or low self esteem to name a few, or relationship issues. We also recommend Telehealth Services to couples who require support for relational issues such as Conflict, Intimacy issues, Domestic Violence, Affairs, Separation or other relationship issues.

Individuals or couples can initiate a Telehealth Services appointment by making contact with Energetics Institute by phone or email. We simply agree the time for the appointment, checking the potential time zone differences, and agree the payment method, taking payment before the session commences. In some cases, depending on the digital medium we will use to connect with you, we will need to establish your user name, ID, or contact phone number on that digital platform.

Appointments are conducted for either 30 minutes or 55 minute timeframes. We rely on the client to have a private space that they feel comfortable in from which to conduct the session. Our end is secure and confidential but we cannot warrant the client’s choice of location and that choice remains under their risk as its under their control.

If your interested in the telehealth Services we offer (including, Covid-19 Counselling, Online Counselling, Skype Counselling, and Smart Phone Counselling). Please get in contact with our team and we will be happy to discuss your options.

Teleheath Services – Costs

The cost of a Telehealth Mental Health appointment by Energetics Institute as the Service Provider is the same cost as a face-to-face appointment of the same time duration. There is no cost difference but payment in foreign currencies may when cleared through third party payment providers, in conjunction with rises and falls in currency exchange rates, mean that the cost may fluctuate slightly over time.

At Energetics Institute in Perth, we lock in our Telehealth Mental Health cost with our client in their currency so they have certainty of each session cost. The fluctuations and risk are borne by Energetics Institute Perth.

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