Sonja Limburg, Craniosacral Therapist, Mandurah WA

Tel: 08 95842295
Mobile: 0423 868107

Sonja works as a craniosacral therapist in her private practice in Madora Bay (Mandurah), Western Australia after having migrated to Australia in 2007 from her native Switzerland.  She works with adults, children and babies.

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle but profound healing modality.  It works with the cerebrospinal fluid that flows between your head (cranium), spine and the sacrum.  This fluid has a rhythmic pulsation that has been called “the breath of life”.  It can be sensed throughout the entire body if it is healthy.  When blocks are present, caused by physically and/or emotionally disturbing life experiences, health and well-being are compromised.

Sonja firmly believes in the inner healing wisdom that your body possesses.  Through her craniosacral work she is able to tap into its wisdom in order to locate and effectively release the blocks present.  She both stimulates and directs your process of self-healing.  She is always fascinated and amazed by how your body expresses how and what healing it desires.


Diploma in Craniosacral Therapy, Switzerland (2007)

Diploma in Personal Transformation and Psychodynamic Healing based on the work of Dr. Barbara Ann Brennan and Dr. John Pierrakos, the founder of Core Energetics, France (2002)

Diploma of Intensive Medicine and Anaesthesia Clinical Nurse, Switzerland (1995)

Diplomas in Remedial Massage, Reflexology and Deep Tissue Massage (1990)

Registered Nurse (1988)

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