Skype Counselling Perth

It is possible for you to do Online Counselling with us in Perth using online messenger tools such as Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp, which provide real-time face-to-face contact. Online Counselling and psychotherapy lends itself to being done on Skype and so even though we practice psychotherapy and counselling services Perth, we are available to a global audience via Skype Counselling.


How Does Online Counselling Work

Our Skype Counselling approach with you is to determine the time zone difference between us on AWST (Australian Western Standard Time) and you, such that we can determine a suitable time for both parties to connect on Skype.

To establish Online Counselling on Skype, we use email to send and receive basic communication, and can also use encrypted messaging services such as Whatsapp to interact securely. Skype allows you to choose audio only contact, or audio mixed with video contact. We also offer Facetime support to those of you using iPhones, iPads etc.

You may prefer audio only sessions as you may favour the privacy of that form of contact. We are fine with that choice when it is requested. Also audio only contact can operate more effectively over compromised internet networks where the bandwidth may be congested or only 3G.

If we establish a video session with you that has numerous internet drop-outs or “spinning wheel of death” moments on the session status, we may request that the session be terminated and then re-established. Alternatively, we may drop the session to audio only, as the absence of video will require less session bandwidth, and so the session may proceed without interruption using audio mode only.

As a client, we preserve your privacy and confidentiality when using Skype or messaging services for Online Counselling and we do not record such sessions or stream any content to third parties. We expect you to engage with us on Skype using these same terms, so there cannot be any potential breach of session content.

Our fees when doing Online Counselling on Skype with you are the same as if you are present face-to-face. Payment for Skype Counselling is normally made before the session via Paypal, Credit Card or Internet Banking.

We also provide Couples Counselling Perth service at Energetics Institute

What Are The Benefits Of Skype Counselling

Skype Counselling in Perth offers worldwide reach to you such that you can stay in touch wherever you may be in the world. The Skype service saves your time and money by not having to physically travel and attend our Inglewood Perth premises.

You can find a comfortable spot in your home or outside that suits you and which affords you privacy and safety to conduct the session in an uninterrupted way.  Online Counselling on Skype,  You can do this without the need to transport yourself home after a session, as would occur in a face-to-face process.


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