Phone Counselling Perth

How Does Phone Counselling Work

Phone Counselling service may be an effective option where ideally an internet Skype session was requested, but phone sessions operate more effectively than continuing with compromised internet networks where the bandwidth may be congested or only 3G. All you need to do is make the phone call and pay for that call as the originator.

As a client, we preserve your privacy and confidentiality when using phone or messaging services and we do not record such sessions or replay any content to third parties. We expect you to engage with us on phone audio sessions using these same terms, so there cannot be any potential breach of session content.

You may need to “check in” using smart phone contact due to an event or crisis, or due to a dynamic or counselling related issue being triggered. We offer you a free 5 minute check in service for such purposes, but only in conjunction to you being a current fee paying client.

We do not allow free check-in instances to replace regular therapy or counselling and extended adhoc phone contact will be charged at our session fee rate if the phone contact evolves into a full or partial Phone Counselling service’s. The check-in can only occur when we are not booked for sessions with other clients, and so are based on what is available at the time of the unsolicited phone call.

We will warn you if the free check-in service is unfolding into what requires a proper session, whether that be face-to-face or via an electronic or phone medium.  You can either book a different session for that to occur, or agree the current phone check-in will become a Phone Counselling session, due to what has unfolded.

Our fees when doing Phone Counselling with you are the same as if you are present face-to-face. Payment is normally made before the session via Paypal, Credit Card or Internet Banking.

Benefits Of Phone Counselling

Our Phone Counselling service in Perth that focus on clients mental health, is a convenient service for you as a potential client, as smart phones are now an everyday part of life. Phone counselling can maintain a worldwide reach to you so you can stay in touch wherever you may be in the world. The phone service will save you the need to physically travel and attend our Inglewood Perth premises.

You can conduct your session with us from a home or office or a setting of your choosing, such that it affords you privacy and safety to conduct the session in an uninterrupted way.

A Phone Counselling session still offers a live experience where we can instruct you and have you conduct certain processes in your locality with our phone guidance.

You may find afterwards that you wish to reflect or process what you have learnt in the session. Phone Counselling in Perth allows for that and can be conducted as a once off session or on a regular basis.



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