Online Counselling Australia

The fast pace of modern society means that many people are looking for ways to save time in the day. Also the increase in FIFO based work in Western Australia means that Online Counselling and Online Therapy may be the only practical means to get support while working away. You can find out more about Telehealth services and what’s involved by reading our short information page. 

We are also wishing to support existing and new clients in financial hardship by offering a discounted COVID-19 Counselling option.

We offer the following options for Online Counselling from Perth:

Skype Counselling

Email Counselling

Phone Counselling

What Is Online Counselling

Online Counselling is the process whereby a Counsellor conducts a counselling session with you via an electronic audio and/or video communication tool like Skype. You can be in a location or setting of your choice that may help make you feel safe, comfortable and protect your privacy.

Online Counselling with us costs no more than a face-to-face session in Perth. Our Online Counselling and eTherapy from Perth can fulfil many aims of a traditional counselling or therapy session. As the client, you initiate the online session and if video streaming is included, then a face-to-face contact service is made, much like a typical physical in-room session would create. The only restriction on this type of service is the counsellor may not be able to have you undertake psychodynamic recreations and processes, as often these involve resources found in a therapist’s office.

Advantages Of Online Counselling

The advantages of Online Counselling may be:

  • Convenience for you by saving travelling time that would be used to commute to and from our practice.
  • Safety as you feel secure in the setting and place you choose to conduct the session from.
  • The choice for you if your local choices are non-existent or poor quality.
  • Remote workers such as FIFO can get online counselling or online therapy if your work location is remote from mental health services.
  • Typically no additional cost for our online counselling service versus our face-to-face equivalent service.

Disadvantages Of Online Counselling

Some disadvantages may be:

  • The relational container does not exist in the same way online. When two people come together their social engagement system of the brain triggers a relational entrainment or synchronicity that through body centric nuances, creates a synergy and attunement that is felt as safe and supportive.
  • The mirroring and modelling that occurs between two people who come face to face is interrupted by the online dynamic.
  • Because of the above two constraints, the therapist may make a cognitive error, and you as the client may take offence, disconnect, or feel unsupported or unseen.
  • Online streaming technologies are prone to dropouts or poor quality, so one or both parties may find there are delays, session breakdowns or loss which create frustration and may sabotage the session.
  • Your state may not be easily determined in a session by the counsellor. So the risk that you may be affected by drugs, alcohol, trauma etc may go unnoticed and which otherwise may have flagged to stop the session proceeding.
  • There is a risk that the confidentiality and privacy of the session is compromised by a third party, or that the session is recorded illegally without the explicit consent of both parties.
  • If you have a crisis or episode in the online session, then the counsellor may not be able to effectively intervene and contain the session.
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