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Leslee Hughes, Body Mind Psychotherapist Sydney NSW

Tel: 02 43893105 Mobile: 0407 934499
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Email: l.hughes@energeticsinstitute.com.au
Website: www.lesleehughes.com.au

Leslee Hughes is one of the most senior members of Core Energetics in Australia.  She is an experienced Body Mind Psychotherapist (Somatic Psychotherapist) who works in Sydney New South Wales NSW.  Leslee owns and runs Core Future, which is the evolution of Core Energetics NSW.  Leslee is a Member of the Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia and a Clinical member of the Counsellor’s and Psychotherapists Association.


Leslee Hughes worked as New South Wales Coordinator for nearly 10 years and was instrumental in helping build this program in Sydney.  Leslee worked with courage and determination believing in the power of this modality with the intention to help make Core Energetics readily available for others. She participated in the very first training here in Australia, and was privileged to have experienced the very best teachers in Core Energetics, starting with none other than the founder, John Pierrakos and continuing throughout her 5 years of training with the most senior teachers from all over the world whose depth of knowledge and experience was exceptional.

As a passionate leader Leslee inspires others on their journey to wholeness.  Core Energetics enables Leslee to read your body character revealing personality traits, challenges in life and health, strengths and weaknesses and barriers to the capacity to love and be loved.

The main focus of the work is to penetrate your mask, which is the false self created to hide your true feelings in the hope of being loved and accepted. This mask is not who you really are and to access your authentic self, your CORE which is your HEART, you must remove this mask and reveal your lower self that defends your heart. Your lower self basically says to the world ‘I will not love ever again, I may hate rather than love, I will be cruel and spiteful as this has been done to me’. If you have the courage to truly reveal this place of shadow and emotionally charge and discharge these feelings only then can the darkness be transformed into the light and the true feelings of the heart discovered and experienced. This will free your energy to flow with pleasure and passion enabling you to be more open to life and love.

Although Leslee works primarily as a Core Energetics Body Psychotherapist, she can also support you with other modalities such as Family and Systemic Constellations and Trauma Resolution and assist you with embracing your individual soul’s journey.

Leslee believes we are ‘spiritual beings having a human experience. We are here to learn and embrace that. This work is not only the way to emotional health but physical health as well. Most of us carry a lifetime of gunk that slows us down, making us often feel older than we are“.


Leslee’s driving force, balance, deep compassion and understanding for others comes from having a committed relationship of 35 years with her husband Steve and their three beautiful daughters. The birth of Leslee’s granddaughter, Ailah, who is now 1, brought a new energy of the feminine into the family. She is a teacher, wise women and has a smile that warms the soul. It is heartwarming to watch your own daughter’s love for her child and Ailah has been the catalyst for even more love to radiate and pulsate throughout this family.


“Before I started seeing Leslee I tried many self-development techniques, however, I have found that Leslee’s are the most unique. Leslee seems to instinctively know exactly when to challenge, empathise, and at times, let me control the session. Most importantly, because she is unconditionally accepting of whichever emotion I express, I have been able to experience and acknowledge every aspect of myself. This acceptance has led me to become a much better communicator, whilst developing a greater sense of self-knowledge and belief – all of which are invaluable qualities that I have wanted to develop for some time.” Thank you!


“You have brought to my life a new found enjoyment and direction. I feel that I can express my love, thoughts and feelings more openly, including to Jodie my wife, our boys and also to my parents. The relationship between Jodie and me has grown stronger than it has ever been in our 14 years of marriage. The change you have made to our lives, both as a couple and individually, will be everlasting.”

Thank You!

Brendon W.

Manager Operations, NAB Wealth Management 


Leslee has a private therapy practice in Sydney’s Inner West and the Central Coast.

Are YOU ready to have great health, fantastic relationships, positivity and personal power, to build a strong foundation from which you can support not only yourself but also your family and friends?

Leslee works one on one with individuals, couples, families and groups and is able to do phone or Skype sessions.

You can ring Leslee on 0407934499 or email l.hughes@energeticsinstitute.com.au
Check out Leslee’s website for more details: www.lesleehughes.com.au


Advanced Diploma Core Energetics Psychotherapy, Core Energetics Australia (2005)Diploma Core Energetics Psychotherapy, Core Energetics Australia (2004)System Constellation Facilitator Training (2008)

Member of Psychotherapy & Counselling Federation of Australia

Member of Counsellors & Psychotherapists Association

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