Email Counselling Perth

It is possible for you to engage with us in Perth using Email Counselling. Emails may be useful to allow you to take the time to gather your thoughts and express yourself without the dynamics of live face-to-face interaction.  Online Counselling by Email might be a preferred method for a traumatised person who needs to operate from a safe space and finds going out into the world and in front of other people, a stressful or trauma triggering issue.

How Does Online Email Counselling Work

It might be that email rapport builds the trust and allows you to then feel heard and understood, before then taking the next step of coming for a face-to-face session. Emails are useful in one way as they can be reviewed by both parties as part of a threaded back and forth messaging dynamic, and then reflected on days or weeks later.

Emails have their own issues though, as the brain must process written language without the context and additional sensory and body language meaning, that we all process when communicating face-to-face with another person. For that reason, emails and written communication are more likely to be misunderstood or interpreted with mis-attribution that can lead to error, distortion and even offence.

For that reason, we recommend other forms of client session interaction as the first choice, rather than Email Counselling, but we will engage with you when emails are the only counselling medium that you will or you can access. We often find that our first contact with you as a new client comes from you sending an email with a request for help or with your background story.

If you live remotely, you may find Online Counselling by Email assists you, especially when you need to read educational material, or be given links to informational and educational videos, blogs, or websites.

In terms of Email Counselling, we base a session by taking the time factored in that includes reading and understanding your email correspondence, and then replying. Payments are made for hourly time segments for this type of service.

Our fees when doing Online Counselling by Email with you are the same as if you are present face-to-face. Payment is normally made before the session via Paypal, Credit Card or Internet Banking. We also provide couples counselling services by email if required. 

What Are The Benefits Of Online Email Counselling

Email Counselling in Perth offers worldwide reach to clients who may not be able to access us in Perth by any other means for various reasons. Email Counselling offers a practical alternative to staying in touch wherever you may be in the world.

Email systems are easy to use and allow a session to take place that is documented in writing such that the correspondence can be revisited and reviewed again and again in order to obtain a deeper understanding, or to reflect upon after future sessions.

Online Counselling by Email saves you time and money by not having to physically travel and attend our Inglewood Perth premises.  As a client, you can maintain a dialogue narrative or thread with us that develops and progresses through themes and issues that we agreed needed to be the scope of the counselling work.

You can contribute to the session in small time packets and fit in examining your issues amongst your timetable. This may of benefit if you are time compromised. Time is also saved by not having to travel to our premises as would occur in a face-to-face process.

With Online Counselling by Email, you can find a comfortable spot in your home or outside that suits you given you may correspond via a mobile device such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone. 


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