Covid-19 Coronavirus Counselling Perth

A message from our family to yours

Covid-19 Coronavirus Counselling Perth

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a major trigger of disruption and anxiety for many.  Everyone needs support at this stressful time and we at the Energetics Institute will stay open and continue to support new and existing clients, across a number of online and face-to-face therapy options, where it remains safe and legal to do so.

We are willing to be compassionate about your situation and are open to offering a discount on a case-by-case basis as Covid-19 Coronavirus Counselling in Perth is a critical need for many.

At this stage, we are still open and seeing new and existing clients face-to-face.  We have implemented appropriate boundaries for avoiding physical contact, and have an awareness to place the client and therapist within a social distancing perimeter by sitting 2 metres apart in sessions.

We have implemented session end disinfectant cleaning practices in line with Federal Government advice, and have in each session disinfectants, tissues and disposal containers as best practice, coupled with hand cleaning facilities where needed.

If any of our practitioners commence to feel unwell, and report symptoms associated with COVID-19, we will cease face-to-face sessions and contact anyone who has been in our office in the prior 14 days.  We ask that you practice the same mindfulness and contact us and cancel your appointment if you feel you have, or are diagnosed with such symptoms, or COVID-19 itself.

We also offer a range of digital video or audio session options for new and existing clients. In times of social isolation, it is important to maintain social contact and get support, as otherwise existing anxiety and stress levels can rise and trigger further mental and physical health issues.  Getting professional support is a smart resource to have in times of danger and perceived risk, and weekly check ins can be a safe and practical way of managing your own mental state if a prolonged lockdown event occurs.

You can also check our Couples counseling Perth Services which are provided for the couples who are going through a tough time

Contact us and discuss how we can offer 30 or 60-minute digital or phone sessions via:

We wish to play our part as best we can in the community at this difficult time.


Richard and Helena Boyd – Psychotherapists & Directors of Energetics Institute.

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