Company Values

We are part of the community we serve and as such operate on the important principle of giving and taking. By this we take only what we need to provide the external conditions for weto operate, plus what we need to have a sustainable level of living with the comfort levels required to rest and recharge to do our important work.

Our fees are modest compared to many other providers of like services and represent what is enough, rather than what we can get. We, in turn give back to the community that supports us, operating from an equilibrium of giving and taking.

In terms of giving, we both give directly to others, and also support those who also are supporting others. We each have unique skills, experience and passions in this giving philosophy that guides where we each direct our time, attention and resources in our giving.

Richard operates at two levels in this area. In Corporate he has been engaged to provide managerial, coaching, mentoring and emotional intelligence training for start-up companies by indigenous communities, charities such as Phoenix Grief Support (for grieving), and Ffompa (Friends and Family of Missing Persons).

Richard also supports numerous public charities through fundraising auctions which he organises and conducts for the chosen charities. He sources the donated items, does the event management and marketing, and then conducts the actual auction process.

Richard also actively works with disadvantaged youth, school age student entrepreneurial mentoring programs, and anti-bullying and cyber-bullying initiatives with schools. He donates personally to numerous charities and also assists individuals grappling with the Federal Government New Employment Initiative Scheme (NEIS).

At a personal level he assists in Hospice environments helping the dying to come to peace within themself, and to have support at this significant transition from life to death. Both these pursuits also give back to Richard a sense of meaning and help to ground him in his humanity.

Helena has had a lifelong interest in both Shamanism and also the Positive Parenting and Attachment Parenting practices for new mothers. Helena assists new mothers in finding approaches to bond, attach and create a healthy relationship with their child, and how to read the child’s signals and wants and needs of the mother. Helena has helped numerous new mothers from dysfunctional families find healthy role modelling and a contact point for support as part of her giving back to the community.

We also run a free monthly talk on the basis for Body Mind science and how it literally influences and creates our personality, psychological and bodily defences to life and our perception of how life is. This fascinating talk is always well received by those attending and is personally relevant to all those attending.

These are run as part of our Community Service obligation in educating the public on key Body Mind science issues that we feel the Community should have conscious awareness of.  This evening seminar is designed to educate the community in key Body Mind or societal issues that have a psychological or Body Mind relevance.

The talks are more in-depth that the free introduction talk we run, they are focussed on one issue, we provide snacks and refreshments, and we often include articles and handouts for attendees. We donate the door fees for our talks to a nominated charity on the night and in turn allow the charity to speak about their work.

These are run as part of our Community Service obligation in educating the public on key Body Mind issues that we feel the Community should have conscious awareness of. These are run out of different venues to reach different audiences and are typically run in evening time.

Richard also participates as a presenter in The Fathering Project, which is a community and school focused venture to support and educate dads about their influence and role in being a dad to their children.

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