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What Is Psychotherapy

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What Is Psychotherapy

Life is like a snowball. As you roll on through your life you gather and accumulate many things. You accumulate objects, possessions, experiences, memories and achievements. Your experiences also shape how you react, think and feel about situations that happen to you. Emotional and mental baggage can build up as you experience negative situations. As this “baggage” stockpiles, there comes a point when you must face your situation or become consumed by it.

How Psychotherapy Can Help

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Psychotherapy is one of the most effective ways of tackling your excess emotional baggage. The nature of psychotherapy is it enables a qualified, professional therapist to hear your story and help navigate a path to help your situation. The psychotherapist provides insights, explanations, frameworks and ideas to help you. A positive mindset is achieved as you shed your accumulated baggage and healing occurs.
The psychotherapist goes beyond the talk therapy of a counsellor or psychologist. The toolkit of techniques employed in psychotherapy change your behaviour and not just your thoughts. This creates healthier life patterns that make you feel and think more positively. You are then free to feel and express emotions that often lay suppressed, blocked or frozen.
The goal of psychotherapy is to heal you by treating the root causes of your afflictions. The healing process can create permanent cessation of your issues, allowing attainment of happiness. Surprisingly other forms of counselling and psychology often only treat the symptoms. Instead of treating the cause, they find ways to help you cope or live with your conditions. This treatment approach is what separates psychotherapy from other forms of therapy.

The Medical Treatment Model

The “quick fix” is currently on everyone’s lips when it comes to solving problems. The medical model of “coping & compensating” is pushed by some counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists and GPs. There is not as much emphasis on investigating the causes of your problems. Instead, they typically seek to medically fix them. Prescription medicine is not a long term solution that is attuned to healthier or positive mental and physical outcomes.
It is far better for you to seek answers and solutions to your problems than to take a pill. Society’s obsession with medications has caused us to numb out the symptoms and effects of our problems. Medication has its place, but it should be used in conjunction with therapy for the best results. Long term healing of your own baggage will be far more beneficial to your health than reaching for a pill.

The Main Goal of Psychotherapy

how psychotherapy helps peopleThe psychotherapist’s main goal is to restore you as close as possible to your original self. Psychotherapy is a commitment to yourself that is in fact an act of self-love as well as an act of love for those in your life. By caring for yourself and doing that bit of emotional and mental maintenance you act from self-care and create the basis for happiness.
In certain situations, you may be tempted to take extreme actions which can then impact yourself and your loved ones forever. Just look at Danny Frawley and his grieving family, friends and associates who now wonder how it all came to this.
When life gets on top of you, then the stress of that circumstance may create distorted reactive thinking of a negative bias. By employing psychotherapy you can change this negative state to a positive one. This creates a basis for those who love you or those involved in your life to experience the optimal version of yourself and feel who you really are in your authentic self.
Psychotherapy tackles the root of issues and can create permanent positive change. It is an investment that can create a positive dividend to your spouse, lover and loved ones, including family and children. The investment in working through your issues can have a multi-generational pay-off.

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