Oscar Fong

Living is about dealing with people. To become successful professionally or personally you must first understand why people think and behave in certain ways. Richard Boyd exposes the truth about human nature to help us better recognize and perfect the art of inter-personal interaction.

Richard Boyd through Energetics Institute will equip you with fundamental life skills for success. In the Narcissism and Borderline Disorder Workshop he distils academic jargon and delivers them dynamically, making it a joy to listen what many may find a difficult subject to explore. As a business owner such skill is essential to aid me in consciously calculating the risk levels of engaging certain prospective clients or consultants due to one’s personality nature. On the flip side it also enlightens myself to become more aware of my own personality so I may improve upon myself to better foster future relationships.

I have no reservation in recommending Richard Boyd and his expertise as a psychotherapist for he has changed my perception of people for the better forever.

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