Nola Kennett

I have been a client of Richard’s for many years. Richard uses various healing systems depending on the issue which has helped me move forward in my journey. Over the years prior to seeing Richard I was spending money and time on various therapies where I still came away with a distorted sense of self. Through Richard I have found that healing as opposed to curing involves a resolution of dissonant rhythms and release of trapped energy.

When I first went to Richard I was the door mat, now I am a person on a door mat. My sense of self grew, the fog lifted and I gained stronger boundaries and I released anger and resentment that I wasn’t even aware of.
Richard and Helena also ran group sessions which I found to be extremely beneficial as I could relate to the groups issues and we could all release the energy and move forward. Richard and Helena have no ego invested they only have the clients sense of well being invested. Best investment both time and money. Changed my life!

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