Mari Eriksson Sætre, Journalist

Through my few years of therapy, I have come to know Richard Boyd as a man of great knowledge.  His heart brings forward the wisdom of so much that there is to learn.  In sessions, Richard has a unique gift of pinpointing out directly what is happening.  He can see the fine web of patterns, and is able to follow the threads that all is made out of.  When it comes to describing Richard’s generosity, I feel such a deep gratitude. He is a man who is truly offering of what he is and has, not merely his time and professional support. With Richard, both my emotional, physical, and spiritual needs have been taken into account, in a challenging, but non-intrusive way.

In the realm of healing, I have people that I trust, with whom I feel safe to enter the unknown territories of my psyche. Richard Boyd is one of them.  In addition to weekly sessions, I got the opportunity to participate in a process group that was held by Richard Boyd. The energy was strong and transformative. The community was an important part of that. This group of members with their individual heartfelt intentions of healing, was both a dress-robe and a mirror for my healing.  They could reflect my bare truths, and hand me new outfits to try on.  It was a journey of trust and surrender.  This healing process is using the most effective methods I have tried to get in to my body, in touch with my feelings.  It is a modality of empowerment, light and self-love. I am truly grateful.

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