Lynette Gardner

HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Service – Both Richard & Helena are excellent at what they deliver to help you. Both myself & my son owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the Counseling & Energetics work they have done with us over the years. Our story is hugely personal, but in brief – our family went through difficult times to the point of despair. We were hanging on but it was increasingly difficult to keep this up both physically & psychologically. Mainstream Medicine & Therapy was only marginally helpful – & TOO SLOW!!!…. for the results we needed. Then a trusted friend told me about Richard Boyd & the Energetics work. I attended their Information session (Energetics Institute) & was totally blown away by what this therapy can deliver & moreover, my scientific mind loved the fact that there is great Science behind it!! After that, both my son & I attended regular Counseling doing the Energetics work, we persisted even when it was difficult – some things were fast results, others took longer – either way, the results have been amazing. And, where the Mainstream Therapies told us “results” would take us Years, we defied all that with doing the Energetics work & got great results far faster and with far-reaching, lasting benefits. Thank-you, thank-you Energetics Institute.

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