Lucia Santostefano

I saw Helena Boyd for a couple of years, weekly, whilst suffering with severe Post Natal Depression and Anxiety after giving birth to twins. I vividly remember days when i would walk into her home office, crippled with anxiety, and somehow would walk out feeling the cloud had lifted and that i could actually breathe once again.

Helena had a natural ability, that didn’t feel like she was working when I was with her. Genuine empathy, warmth, understanding and in hindsight, I now see that she believed that l had the strength to pull through when I felt so weak and had lost all hope.

Helena would go above and beyond her role as a psychotherapist, making herself available whenever she could for unscheduled appointments or phone calls when I was struggling. Her home office was a wonderful space for me after having visited numerous psychologists in their cold and clinical offices.

Where l would walk out feeling none the better than when l walked in. I fondly remember Helenas office, at the time a sanctuary for me, and more to the point, a reflection of her. Today, I could not thank Helena enough for realising the strong woman inside of me, now able to cope with the challanges of parenting and life in general…which back then I never thought possible.
Thank you Helena❤

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