Jennifer Fogarty

Richard is a remarkable psychotherapist and man! My partner and I have been seeing Richard weekly for the past 9 months for ourselves and our relationship. We can honestly say we are together thanks to the insight and tools Richard has given us.

He is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met. The way in which he articulates information and relates it to your experiences with examples and metaphors speaks right to your soul.

He has a unique gift and an innate knowing to pinpoint exactly how you think, feel and act coupled with the answers on how to change it for excellent results.

Personally, I have never felt so understood by a person. He even helps me to know myself better than I ever could.

For our relationship, there have been several times where we have walked into those sessions about to break up and then after one hour we are re-connected and stronger than before. Every single time, Richard helps us to reach a new level of understanding and awareness.

Thanks to Richard, we are able to communicate more effectively as a couple and as individuals we have reached a whole new level of consciousness and growth.

Highly recommend Richard- he is the real deal.

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