Jane Johnson

Before I met Richard my life was at a crossroad.

I knew deep down inside that  there was more to life than I was already experiencing, but I just was not sure how to achieve it. I had thought that I was pretty much healed with the past extensive therapy and counselling sessions I had attended over a period spanning 10 years, however it was not until I met Richard that I realised I still had some work to do.

Richard’s healing  techniques was unlike any other I had experienced.

In the past most of my therapy involved re- living my traumas of the past and talking about issues and whilst it felt good to talk about it there was no ” real healing” going on and as time passed it was not long before I was again searching for another  form of healing modality.

Richard actually addresses and identified a lot of my issues in the first visit and each session I had with him I was able to heal another aspect of myself that enabled me to release and unblock a lot of negative energy and emotion. I had buried years and years of anger and although most would consider me a pretty positive and optimistic person and I considered myself a ” survivor”, I did not realise that through all the  therapy I had previously done to resolve my feelings about the abuse that occurred as a child which in turn shaped my adulthood I still did not know what my purpose in life was.

I had what others considered a measurement of success – a nice house and car, 2 great kids and husband and a good job – but still something was missing .

Working with Richard enabled me to find my truth and through Richard I have been able to enjoy a better relationship with my husband and 2 teenage children, find my dream home, change jobs and understand my complex family dynamics.

I found Richard to be highly professional without lacking a sense of humour, warmth and kindness.

I also found Richard to be quite intuitive and spiritual which I found quite beneficial.

I highly recommend Richard for his powerful yet gentle and effective approach to healing as it has not only benefited myself but has had a real positive effect on everything I do and the way I think and the choices I make and it has given me a true confidence and long lasting happiness that has been missing all my life.

And if you were wondering what my “truth” was – it meant realising my dream that of becoming a mother again, at age 44 to a beautiful baby girl born 10 weeks ago today !

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