I’m not so sure I can accurately put into words how much your assistance has helped me to get my life sorted and be able to help others understand the enormity of benefits associated with giving Body Psychotherapy a go.

I have seen many counsellors, therapists etc over the years since experiencing PND after the birth of my first child. Of course, they all alluded to parent and childhood ‘issues’ but the solutions were all very generic, and you stop listening when you are given text book answers to common ‘problems’.

When I started seeing you, I was refreshed by your bluntness, insights and no bullshit delivery of ‘idiosyncrasies’ (for want of a better word) that needed to be addressed. Now I look forward to every session to get that ‘kick in the butt’ I need to progress my life in the next best direction for me and, consequently, my family.

I now live my life more authentically, with greater awareness and closer to those brief moments of peace than I have ever been. For that I am extremely grateful.

Thank you!!!

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