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Supervised Visitation Centres

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Supervised Visitation Centres

Many times, going to the family law system is a trying and stressful time for the parents and the children. Child custody can be “joint” (shared) or “sole” (awarded to just one parent). This can happen for a variety of reasons. Supervised visits just mean that separated parents can both spend time with their kids, even if the courts believe that child could be at risk with the parent who doesn’t have custody, this is where Supervised Visitation Centres come in.

Since your children are already upset and worried and in all likely hood is probably going through the grief response due to the loss of their home life. You may consider private child contact service options for your supervised child contact visits. It provides safe and positive places where separated parents and families can go in Perth to see their kids without the fear.

Two Options in the children’s contact service space

When someone attends one of the many supervised visitation centres, supervised visits can be handled in two ways. First, child contact services are available where an independent person is there to make sure that the child is safe and has a positive relationship at all times while they are spending time with the other parent.

Another choice for contact arrangements is where supervised contact is offered at the changeover from the residential to the non-residential parent. A supervisor is always there to make sure that the child is handed over and back safely. Sometimes, both options are used to ensure that the children have a safe and positive experience. Ultimately, this avoids conflict between the family, as it is already torn. Families don’t have to stay together to be good parents, but the children often don’t understand what’s going on.

Sometimes, the child has to be reintroduced gradually to the non-residential parent so that they can build a relationship slowly. This may happen if the non-custodial parent moves away for a long time after the family separation.

If the separation involved a lot of conflicts, parents can choose to work with a child contact service to hand over the children. That way, they don’t have to see each other or talk to each other. This ensures a conflict-free environment for everyone involved.

There could also be issues with violence associated with the parent that doesn’t have custody. Children’s contact services make sure that the children are safe at all times. If you struggling to see your children because you and your partner are simply not seeing eye to eye it could be a good idea for your partner and yourself to attend divorce relationship counselling to reconcile your differences.

Reasons for supervised visitation centers

You may need to consider contact service visits that are child-focused if:

  • One party has an alcohol or drug problem that could harm the child
  • There are allegations that a parent could abduct or kidnap the child
  • Serious neglect has happened in the past
  • Someone spent long periods away from the child and now wants to build the relationship
  • Families have had dangerous situations in the past
  • There is an abuse of a child by one of the parents (physical, emotional, or sexual)
  • There’s a threat of harm to a child through suicide or mental illness or domestic violence

A child contact service provides a temporary arrangement for separated families so that both parents have access to the child in a way that is safe for them. It shouldn’t be used for longer periods. If well-supervised visits are reported, this should lead up to unsupervised visitation in Perth.

Who Offers Supervised Contact

There are two primary options for contact that’s supervised visit, but both should be child-focused in Perth.

parenting can be hard during a divorce

Visitation Centres and supervised visits

With this option, the court often requires that the parents go to a special location. The child and non-residential person must stay in the area for visits, which are always supervised. Children are safe here. There are many options in Perth, and the custodial person does not have to bring in the child. A family member can do it on their behalf to avoid any risk of seeing the other person.

You can find private contact service centres for children, which are sometimes easier to book. There’s a minimum of two hours visiting. Parents are allowed to hire independent people from these centres to supervise outside the centre, but this must be approved by the court. Changeover options are also available.

Family and Friends child contact services

Arrangements can be made so that a parent or family member can provide the supervision. This can be a friend of the family, relative, or someone else who is known to the parents and children. They assist by making sure that nothing happens in the environment where the visit takes place. The person in charge of the child can provide supervision in Australia.


If you and your spouse have separated, now is the time to make arrangements so that your child can still see both people. This is going to provide them with the love and support they need to build better relationships with you and others in the future. There is help out there in Perth. Those who want to visit in a safe place should consider such visitation centres following the court order.

The courts can decide who pays for the visits, and sometimes, both parties are required to help cover expenses. There are many benefits of using this service, and it’s in your best interest and that of your child.

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