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Social Media Addictions

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2021 December 15, 2019 no comments

Social Media Addictions

What is Social Media Addiction?

There have been numerous reports on the news about the need for social media addiction treatment in Perth. The last decade has seen a huge rise in the average person spending extended periods on social media. A casual hour checking on Friendster or MySpace ten years ago has led to some full-on all day addictions to modern social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

For the vast majority of people, the use of social media is a harmless pastime which is non-problematic; however, there is a small number of users who engage in compulsive and excessive use of social media. This can become a concern as it is a behavioural addiction which manifests as being overly concerned with social media and having such a strong compulsion to log on those other areas of the individual’s life are impaired.

The addiction to social media can be compared to other substance abuse disorders and includes withdrawal symptoms, mood modification, conflict, tolerance, and relapse. The popular social media programs such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook provide dopamine-inducing environments which cause the similar neural activity to recreational drugs or gambling.

This feeling keeps social media users coming back for more. Some neuroscientists have compared the perceived reward of using social media to having dopamine injected. Clearly, there is an issue with some people and that includes the citizens of Perth and surrounding areas.

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Social Media Addiction Help in Perth

The first step a therapist will do is to decide if someone truly has developed social media addiction. Many people may feel that they spend too much time on their favourite app, but only a small percent have a genuine addiction.

The therapist will decide if you have a problem by asking you a few questions.

  • Do you feel the need to use social media more and more?
  • Does your social media use impact on your day to day life with regard to studying or working?
  • Have you tried and failed to reduce your social media use?
  • Spend considerable time planning to use or thinking about social media?
  • Do you use social media as a way to help forget about life’s problems?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable if you cannot use social media for an extended period?

If your answer is “yes” to three or more of these questions, you could have a social media addiction. The therapist will recommend that you make some positive changes and engage in a “digital detox”.

This is a time when you will do without your smartphone or computer. You can stop using or reduce use for extended periods. Other steps are to only allow the checking of social media for restricted periods, such as once an hour, turning off notifications, and having self-imposed periods of non-screen time.

A good habit to develop is to leave your device in a different room when you go to bed as it will lessen the temptation to log on to social media every time you wake up.

Your therapist will work with you to reduce your reliance on social media and allow you to have a restored focus on normal day to day social interaction in the real world.

Final Thoughts on Social Media Addictions

There is clearly a need for social media addiction treatment in Perth and the fact is that this issue is likely to get worse as using social media becomes even more common.

If you are having issues with social media addiction you are welcome to reach out to the Energetics Institute in Perth. We have qualified specialists who will be happy to talk through your options for treatment.

There are some effective treatments available, and if you need some social media addiction help in Perth we are here to assist you.

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