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Relationship Counselling: The Misconceptions

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2022 March 31, 2020 no comments

Relationship Counselling: The Misconceptions

Relationship Counselling: the Misconceptions

Finding information nowadays comes easily. Any information that we need can be acquired in a matter of seconds. We are bombarded with information, which sometimes leads to confusion and misconceptions.

There are various misconceptions about relationship counselling. These misconceptions often lead to confusion and sometimes stop you from going to therapy. It is essential to identify these misconceptions and have clarity so you can gain a better grasp as to what exactly is relationship counselling.

What is relationship counselling?

Relationship counselling (also known as couples therapy or couples counselling) is a form of psychotherapy that focuses on identifying, resolving and exploring conflicts to improve a relationship. Relationship counselling is for all types of couples. The therapist will guide you throughout your journey to solving relationship issues.

Relationship counselling provides you time and space to reflect on every aspect of your relationship. It can help you identify conflict, find a resolution and change behaviour that may be damaging your relationship. It can also guide you when making big decisions in your relationship.

Debunking the Misconceptions

Going to relationship counselling does not mean that you have failed in your relationship. It means that you are looking for ways to find solutions. The willingness to take relationship counselling is the first step towards achieving a healthy relationship.

Admitting that your relationship is in trouble is a significant step. Denying the problem will not do you any good while admitting it can be the first step towards finding a solution.

It is not the relationship counsellor who dictates whether you should stay or go. The counsellor does not have the power to decide on your relationship. However, he can help you understand the root of the problem; from there, you will work your way through it.

The counsellor facilitates the process of discovering the steps towards finding a solution to your issues. The counsellor also serves as the mediator between you and your partner.

How to get the most out of relationship counselling

The relationship counsellor does not take your side or your partner’s side. Do not worry about your partner influencing the counsellor. Counsellors are trained to be objective and unbiased in sessions.

Going to relationship counselling to find someone who will take your side is not a good idea. Relationship counsellors are forbidden to take sides. However, they can help you talk to your partner to help resolve your issues.

Relationship counselling provides a promising result. Couples who go through therapy are said to have improved their relationships after completing a few sessions. Sometimes it only takes one session to help couples get things into perspective and to identify aspects of the relationship that need attention.

On the contrary, relationship counselling will take longer if you fail to cooperate during sessions or you do not go to sessions regularly. It could take months for the relationship counselling to work if both parties are not cooperating. It makes the relationship issues worse, which sometimes lead to the partners going their separate ways.

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Relationship counselling is for all types of couples. Debunking the myths and misconceptions of relationship counselling is vital as it prevents you from seeking help.

Being aware of the misconceptions of relationship counselling is essential as it can influence your decision when seeking help. You also need to realise that counselling will only work if both parties are cooperative and want to genuinely find solutions. It is your responsibility to be accountable and attempt to make the relationship work.

It is not the relationship counsellor who decides, but YOU!

If you feel like your relationship is on the rocks, help is available.

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