Pendulums – Their Use and Interaction with your Personal Field and the Quantum Energy Field

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Pendulums – Their Use and Interaction with your Personal Field and the Quantum Energy Field

It is often asked of those who claim to work with energy and the human body as to what evidence exists that there is such a thing as a human energy field. Given it is largely invisible in nature then there is opportunity to make unsubstantiated claims around its existence, its use, change and involvement in healing.

These are all reasonable questions as we all know that electricity exists but few can claim to have seen it apart from the odd lightning flash or short circuit sparking in a powerpoint. This has not stopped us accepting that the invisible world of electricity exists as we can directly experience its effects in our daily lives.

The same can be said for the human energy field or at least some invisible effect that seems to coincide with the presence of the human body and the human mind. This indirect effect is commonly known as dowsing or the use of a pendulum to show the effect or disturbance of a solid metal object placed into the presence of an energy field. In this respect it seems to follow a pattern not unlike magnetism.

The use of pendulums to experience personal and the collective energy has been written and documented as being performed by humans for thousands of years. This process is often called Dowsing, and can be used to simply to show the flow of an energy field.

Strangely there is experiential evidence to support the idea that there may be a way to access via the human unconscious in its interaction with the collective quantum or energy field, information that is held within this universal energy field.

While this proposition sounds far-fetched, it can be directly experienced and accessed by any person if they understand some simple principles and “rules” of working with subtle energy fields.  I used to witness this as a child when my grandfather used such an object over maps on a sheep station to locate areas where best to drill for water for a new windmill. My young mind then was fascinated but not yet of adult discrimination to examine critically this curious but effective activity.

I say effective for he was never wrong in its use. All the times I witnessed this process it led to a conclusion of water flow and depth of contact to water that was later matched by the drilling rig. I wish now I had documented these occurrences.

I also was present when he performed this “service” for neighbours and friends not just for water but also to locate objects and even to discover a gold bearing reef from a map!! No one back then thought anything wrong with this process but just thought it was my grandfather’s gift to be able to do so.

Now some 40 years later I find by researching claims about this dowsing process that there are some common uses the pendulum based dowsing process has been used for in different societies across different times. Dowsing has been used to find lost objects, find underground water sources, find ore-bodies and lost persons from maps, or to ask “questions” of the collective unconscious that exists as held information in the universal quantum field.

Curious about this effect I wondered if I could use it with my clients to show anything useful in our work. What has resulted is that I find the use of a pendulum is an objective, personal and experiential way of showing clients their own energy fields.

A problem in body-mind psychotherapy is that when some clients are presented with the concept of a personal bio-electric energy field that runs through and around the body, some become sceptical, and start to wonder if our work is grounded in science, or is it a leap of faith based on shaky new-age beliefs.

Most people were conditioned in their childhood how to not believe in energy fields and subtle energy fields around objects. This is a natural conditioning process that we all go through. The human brain is lazy and only performs at somewhere less than 1% of capacity, and also discards a vast majority of incoming sensory data(Carter:2001).

The Thalamus part of the brain plays a key role in “filtering” incoming sensory data to only allow past it the understood key information that will assist survival and functioning of the human, so shaping their personal reality.

In western society we have disowned the legitimacy of having subtle awareness skills and faculties as such activities have long been viewed as best as superstition and at worst as demonic. As a result any such interest or use of techniques was avoided lest we be pronounced as witches, possessed, or in league with the devil.

The Catholic Church over the last 1000 years has played a significant role in shaping human consciousness based on the biblical warnings of the principles of skills and arts and divination being seen as proof of being in league with the devil. The various interpretations of the bible saw various ongoing persecutions of people with differences in body or mind, of opinion or insight, of skills and healing right up until the 19th century.

The religious fear was all in the name of god, often aided by the institution of The Inquisition, over hundreds of years, and saw people disown such traits as dangerous to their reputations and sometimes even their lives. Children were discouraged from having or developing such traits.

I remember that this has continued up until when I went to school in the 1970’s when left handed children in my class at school were punished and told to use their right hands, and were not allowed to be altar boys or school prefects.

Luckily the fear of experimentation to do with subtle quantum realities is now a part of science. We now understand that reality is not a fixed construct and that we can change our perception of reality, and re-integrate lost traits and faculties by accepting wider truths about reality.

The explanation of the use of a pendulum and how to use it that follows is merely experiential and as a curious person is offered to see how it lands with readers’ realities. Clients have told me that personal experimentation has allowed them to conclude that there is some field effect outside their bodies and demonstrating the concept has assisted them to overcome hesitation, misgivings, and scepticism when it comes to accepting and experiencing energy fields.

A pendulum does not need to be a “plumb bob” which is commonly used as a pendulum. Any small weighted object like a ring or a hexagonal metal nut could be used, but personally I use a “plumb bob” for accuracy. You can then get 30cm of fine cotton string or fine fishing line and tie it neatly so a free hanging and balanced pendulum now exists.

Most people from this point can start to work with a pendulum. The first point is to handle the pendulum in a proper way. Take the string at the end not attached to the plumb bob between your thumb and forefinger which are pointing downwards. When working with the elbow as a fulcrum on a table top, have about 5cm of string from the fingers hanging free to the plumb bob when working over a map or such position.

If doing a body energy reading where a person lies down in a straight posture on the floor, either on back or belly, use the full length of the string to allow whatever energy movement effect to be clearly seen and experienced. The facilitator stands to the side of the person with the arm outstretched over the person lying down.

Start at the head and position over the place where in eastern thought is mapped to be the 7 chakra points of the human body. The facilitator can either stand or bend over the person, lowering the pendulum till it starts to react to the personal energy field.

It is useful to map the direction of flow of the pendulum, its speed and direction of movement, plus if a circle, then the width of the circle. A diagram will show the overall effect of the reading at each point as mapped to the body to give an overall energetic picture and assessment. Remember that this is just a snapshot of that few minutes in time and not necessarily that person’s permanent energetic disposition.

When you first start to use a pendulum you may need to “program” it!!  This sounds odd but I have found that somehow this is true. This may relate to your unconscious belief systems about energy, and whether they operate from their masculine rational left brain, or have a balance with the feminine right brain. It is speculation as to why this might be so.

What writers about pendulums note is that a person who already has integrated and has available the intuitive facilities of their humanity will usually get an instant response from the pendulum. If when trying this technique for the first time no movement is started then one can validly setup a default start or “search” position or movement type.

A dead still pendulum can be your “start or search” position, or a pendulum that moves toward you, and then away from you, can also be a valid “start or search” position. Test which it is for you by saying while holding a still pendulum “show me my search or start position”.

If you are using a pendulum for revealing energy system flows, then no questions are needed. Simply have the client lay down and make your pendulum dead still, then start the process. If you intend to use the pendulum to question the quantum field then program in a “yes” and a “no” movement into the pendulum interface with your body-mind.

To setup a “yes” then start in your now locked in “start or search” position. Ask “show me yes” and watch for the movement of the pendulum. This is your “yes” answer response. If there is no movement then force a clockwise circular movement and state “this is my yes response”.

To setup a “no” then start in your now locked in “start or search” position. Ask “show me no” and watch for the movement of the pendulum. This should be a different movement from the “yes” response. This is your “no” answer response. If there is no movement then force an anti-clockwise circular movement and state “this is my no response”.

You are now ready to use a pendulum for both energy readings, and for questioning the collective unconscious in the quantum universal energy field. See what happens as you may be amazed. If done authentically then normally movements occur which are visible, sometimes dramatic,  sometimes weak.

Try it and see what experience you have. That is the best way to challenge your own thinking about such an idea.

You are now ready to use a pendulum for both energy readings, and for questioning the collective unconscious in the quantum universal energy field.

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