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Parenting After Separation

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2022 February 15, 2021 no comments

Parenting After Separation

Parenting after separation can be hard. Separation can be sad and stressful for both children and parents.  It requires mediation from a third party for the roles and requirements. In Australia, a survey found that about 3% of families use the courts as their main way of making other parenting arrangements. For the rest, they often search for family dispute resolution services or consult with lawyers. The Parenting After Separation courses are usually short programs that help parents figure out this new life period. These cover many relevant topics, including conflict resolution, the impact on children, and how to support children during this difficult transition and in the future.

What Does Parental Separation Mean?

marriage break down with children

In Australia, separation means that you are living apart from your spouse. One partner may choose to move out.

No legal processes required to separate. It is an individual decision, and there does not have to be a consensus. In the case of separation and children, it becomes more complicated. New arrangements have to be made, and the couple may need to work together with the Child Support Agency. Our Parenting After Separation or divorce counselling services can be useful.

There are many reasons why a couple could choose to separate, and each relationship is unique. Some reasons are loss of affection, irreconcilable differences, and infidelity.

How Does This Affect a Child?

When a marriage or relationship breaks down, very often, the biggest losers are the children.  They lose the family unit and security they have taken for granted. Many couples are torn about whether they should stay together as a family for the sake of the children, but ultimately, this is a personal decision. Some couples get back together after separating for months or years, while most move on to other relationships and marriages. The Parenting After Separation course can make this change easier and provide important information and guidance that families in this situation require.

When a couple decides to break up their relationship, it is important to prepare each child for the changed family setup and resolve conflict. In a way that does not cause emotional pain to the children. A separated parents course or any other parenting after separation program can make a difference in navigating life after separation.

What Children Need to Thrive

The end of a marriage or romantic relationship isn’t the end of the two parent-child relationships. While this can be particularly difficult for the children and the parents, it doesn’t necessarily have a detrimental effect on their future.

The most important thing is that children continue to receive what they require to thrive in life. Children need love, emotional support, positive role models, education, and family structure, and consistency, among other things. When the parents are set on going their separate ways, the kids still need to know that they are loved and that each of the parents is going to do what they can to assist and be there for them.

Navigating New Parenting Arrangements

When family relationships break up due to separation, they must work through many relationship issues. Custody issues must be settled so that each parent can keep on fulfilling their parental responsibilities. Depending on the specifics of the relationship and how the matter proceeds in court, one parent might be given the child, while the other may be able to see them on weekends, for example. In a majority of cases, the mother gets sole parental responsibility.

A separation parenting course or a legal advisor can help you determine what your parental rights are. Co-parenting is possible, but due to Covid 19, people may have to work out alternative plans with travel restrictions.

How to Find Helpful Services When Going through Separation with Kids

If you are separating from a spouse or partner, you are among many other Australian couples who have walked a similar path. There is help available to assist you and give you all the information you need to make the best decisions for your kids and yourself. You can search online or ask for a referral.

You can opt for a parent separation course, group or individual counselling, and other services and courses. There are so many options. During the Covid 19 pandemic, and with social distancing measures in place, you may want to search for an online option, like the Parenting After Separation counselling option online, Australia.

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