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Role of Nutrients in Therapy

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2022 June 28, 2015 no comments

Role of Nutrients in Therapy

The Role of Nutrients in Therapy can not be understated. Therapy in and of itself does not cross boundaries into the domain of working with a clients chemical, mineral or hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, or indeed toxicity that some clients suffer from.

In our work we simply understand that there are some clients who suffer in this way from an imbalance or issue of this type. We work with a collective of BodyMind concerned practitioners and distributors who offer best practice in the area of nutrients or Naturopathy, or who offer diagnostic tools which can highlight an issue of this type.

We simply refer possible clients to such practitioners for consultation. Our experience has been that some clients need such an intervention to get to the root cause of some presenting symptoms they experience in their BodyMind.

Some people have undiagnosed heavy metal or chemical toxicity due to exposure to such heavy metals, chemicals, compounds or minerals over time. One example is lead toxicity which is common in people who were raised in houses with lead-based water pipes, lead paint on the house walls or roof, or who drank rain water sourced from a roof or gutters or tanks which had lead and zinc composition.

Lead poisoning often creates depressive symptoms, loss of energy, and other physical symptoms. We have treated clients for Depression who had extremely high levels of lead toxicity that once diagnosed and treated by a Chellation process, often regain their BodyMind wellness and cease experiencing symptoms of depression.

The presence of toxification may also lead to the loss of much needed positive elements, nutrients and minerals in the body of an affected person. This depletion can be part of the problem of the effect of having heavy metals present in the body.

In these instances we recommend that clients whose background and past includes exposure to such hazards, get a hair analysis done. We recommend the services of a competent Naturopath, as they typically facilitate the taking of hair samples and their analysis in a laboratory dedicated to this type of service.

A Naturopath is NOT a Homeopath so please do not confuse the two modalities. We support Naturopathy as a valid discipline.

Some doctors may for checking heavy metals recommend a blood test but this may prove a limited testing approach. According to Naturopathy the blood may not typically show heavy metal toxicity due to the way in which the body stores and attempts to secret heavy metals and certain toxins.

Our human condition involves the body attempting to deal with such toxicity by depositing them into the hair and nails of a person, where these fall out over time, thus shedding the person of the excess.  The blood plays a limited transport mechanism in this view and may not show elevated or critically low levels of substances that afflict a person or which need to be much higher in a person for health.

The blood as a fluid transport mechanism will not show the same results as a hair analysis test. We refer clients to their Naturopath upon receiving their results, for assessment and adoption of any required chemical/heavy metal stripping/Chellation regime, or for supplementation in the diet of low or missing elements we all need to maintain health.

We also read the test results to see if the report shows obvious results which are known to affect cognitive, emotional, bodily or energetic wellness or stability, as part of our working in a Psychotherapy context with the client. If a client does not have a relationship with a Naturopath, we typically refer them to one of the Naturopaths found on our website.

For much of the last part of the 20th century the American Federal Drug Agency (FDA) dismissed the notion that taking nutrients had any beneficial effect on humans. Dr Robert Fletcher, the author of the results of a landmark review of 38 years of accumulated scientific evidence regarding vitamins and nutrition, wrote in the conservative Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA),

“Vitamin supplement usage was for a long time considered to be an expensive form of urine”.

The results of his landmark study were so convincingly the opposite, that the American Medical Association(AMA) has completely reversed its anti-vitamin stance and now encourages all adults  to supplement daily with a multiple vitamin supplement.

The JAMA report concluded that both the recommended daily allowances for vitamins and minerals are too low, and that the modern diet of man is no longer sufficient to provide all the support for optimal health.

Dr Robert Fletcher also wrote:

“Insufficient vitamins is apparently a cause of chronic diseases. Recent evidence has shown that sub-optimal levels of vitamins (below standard), even well above those causing deficiency syndromes, are risk factors for chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer and osteoporosis. A large portion of the general population is apparently at increased risk for this reason”.

Some clients have a natural ongoing interest in their own wellness and take responsibility for their own care of their BodyMind. Many of these people use nutrients and natural products as part of this approach to life.  We recommend that clients use only certified and best practice quality nutrients when they come to see us at the Energetics Institute

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