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Gambling and the Related Addiction Issues

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2022 November 25, 2019 no comments

Gambling and the Related Addiction Issues

The Effects of Gambling Addiction on Your Life

Gambling addiction can be compared to drug and alcohol addiction as similar parts of the brain is on a “high” when gambling, drinking or taking drugs. It is characterised as the uncontrollable act of gambling even if you are aware of its consequences.

Gambling itself is not the issue. It could be a form of leisure activity to pass time and boredom. However, it becomes problematic if it results in addiction.

If your addiction to gambling is out of hand, gambling addiction help is your only option!

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Gambling addiction affects various aspects of your life resulting in problematic relationships, legal disputes, and mental health problems. In most cases, a gambling addict finds it hard to admit to their condition despite the gambling addiction symptoms and the manifestations of effects in their lives.

Some of the areas in your life that are greatly affected by gambling problems are:


The effects of gambling in your life are clearly seen in your finances. You will suffer from a financial crisis leading to unpaid debts, bills, and other utilities. Gambling addicts feel that gambling is the only way to fix things, repay debts and improve finances.

The need to gamble will result in borrowing more and more money, paying high interest, and having huge debts. It can even lead to stealing due to uncontrollable gambling urges and unpaid debts.

Mental Health 

Gambling addicts are more likely to develop a stress-related disorder, suffer from low self-esteem, and other related diseases. Oftentimes, gambling addiction is associated with suicide and depression.

For gambling addicts, gambling is a way of de-stressing and escaping negative feelings. What they are not aware of is gambling can worsen their co-occurring conditions.

Get Help

There are many types of treatment that can help you recover from your gambling problem. It is important to speak to a professional, especially if it is affecting your finances and health.

Know that treatment will never be easy. You will experience a series of withdrawal symptoms that may lead you to stronger impulses to gamble.

It is vital to stay focused on getting better and fixing your life. Do not let your gambling problem defeat you.

Once you have subjected yourself to treatment or has entered recovery, you can now have a chance to re-establish your relationships, improve financial situations, and change to a better lifestyle.  Learn to give more effort to your treatment to make all of these possible.

When should you seek treatment?

Gambling addiction is referred to as a “hidden illness” due to the absence of physical symptoms. Gambling addicts deny their condition or sometimes do not notice their gambling addiction.

However, if you start noticing the following signs, it could be an indication of gambling problems:

  • Have uncontrollable gambling urges.
  • Are hiding your gambling problems.
  • Gamble even if you do not have money
  • Your friends and family are worried about your gambling issues.

These are early signs of gambling problems you should watch out for. Admitting to your symptoms is a huge step to take. Realising your condition takes great strength and courage.

Do not feel sad or disappointed. Lots of people are suffering from gambling addiction. Lots of them have recovered and surpassed such a traumatic condition.  Always remember that you will get better.

Do not wait for bigger consequences to happen. Seek treatment now! We offer professional addiction counselling services in Perth, Let us help you!

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