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Family Constellations

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2022 August 7, 2015 no comments

Family Constellations

A Family Constellation is a gentle and sensitive experiential process to help unveil the hidden dynamics, resolve misunderstandings, conflicts and blocks in a family or relationship.  It also helps to discover hidden resources and allow resolutions to unfold.  As a result, it helps release and resolve profound tensions within and between people.  A Systemic  Family Constellation is a highly effective way of healing on a deeply felt energetic level, with long term and often life-changing results.

Family Constellations was created by German psychiatrist Bert Hellinger 30 years ago and originated from his observations of shamanic tribal group processes in Africa.  He observed that all family members were linked to generations of behavioural influences and patterns, which can be released, integrated and made whole again.  Hellinger discovered hidden “Orders of Love” that operate in trans-generational family systems.  These “Orders of Love” relate to the hidden, unconscious bonds of love and loyalty that lie deep within human systems.  This recognition of whatever love existed in your family deeply affects people and changes their lives.  Conversely, interrupted love in previous generations and in your own childhood causes suffering in the present time including to your children.  The constellation process demands that this truth be remembered and put into a new and healthier perspective.  When one family member heals an issue, the entire family benefits.

Many problems which seem to be personal failures have their origins in complex family connections.  Old and unresolved issues or upheavals in a family can lead to unconscious entanglement or identification between its members. We might then carry somebody else’s feelings or live out somebody else’s destiny.  Family Constellations helps to reduce entanglements, establish and reintegrate hidden aspects, acknowledge and honour the natural order in family systems.  Breaching and overlooking these natural laws due to grievous conditions and unconscious behaviour in the generations that came before, affects the lives of later descendants in the family.  A resolution allows each member of the system a rightful place in the group with a healthy and respectful connection to each other.  This allows the natural flow of love and energy in the system unimpeded and allows shame and stress to be released or reduced in the system.  An outcome is generally a set of concrete patterns towards the restoration of balance and harmony to the family system.

Family Constellations can enable participants to:

  • observe the dynamics of his or her family and identify patterns that are destructive
  • discover the causes of  possible conflict and help move towards a resolution
  • reveal causes of suffering at physical and emotional levels in the person and/or the family
  • stop patterns of abuse, abandonment, betrayal, sickness, grief and other aspects of dysfunction

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