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Digital Addiction Counselling

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2022 December 1, 2019 no comments

Digital Addiction Counselling

 Digital Device or Smartphone Addiction: How to Overcome

 Smartphone addiction is becoming a real issue for some people. Although most of us can enjoy our digital devices with few or no issues, the number of people who develop a genuine addiction is on the rise.

The technology for smartphones is developing so rapidly that there seems to be an unlimited amount of new functions to try out and this leads to more and more time spent on our phones. Younger people have less interest in television and many only access their news content through their digital devices.

Social media addiction by itself is a huge issue and there are now specific programs available to help lessen or break the addiction. There are now various choices for smartphone addiction treatment, so let’s take a look at the options available.

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How can you overcome smartphone addiction?

 The World Health Organization has predicted that by 2030 anxiety and depression will be the main healthcare issue worldwide. Costs to treat this could spiral to up to US$1 trillion per year in many countries.

This is a serious consideration as various studies have concluded that there is a link between smartphone overuse and anxiety and depression. There are also serious concerns that digital devices are having a negative effect on our neurochemical balance.

Options to treat smartphone addiction include turning off notifications, deleting apps, limiting the use of social media, undertaking therapy, and using apps such as Apple’s Screen Time and Android’s “Time-spent” dashboard which clearly displays exactly how much time you are spending online.

A good start is to work with a therapist who will spend some time talking to you to assess the extent of your smartphone addiction problem. Often talking through your issues can help you clearly see that you have a problem and it is time to start doing something about it.

As with other addictions, accepting that there is a problem is the first step to finding a solution and cure. Your therapist will recommend steps to take to lessen your reliance on digital devices and allow you to become a responsible user of the technology.

Studies have shown that breaking the addiction to social media, gaming and endless reading of news sites and webpages is no easy task. A growing amount of Australians touch their phones on average every 12 minutes from the moment they wake up until they sleep for the night.

This problem is comparable to drug addiction, decreased productivity at work and overuse of digital devices leading to a lack of sleep. It is time that you consider your smartphone use and decide whether you are using the technology in a productive way, or it is starting to become a problem.

Final Thoughts about Smartphone Addiction Treatment

 There is clearly an issue with a digital device or smartphone addiction, and all indications show that this problem will continue to grow in the coming years. There are various ways to treat this addiction, and one option is to talk to the professionals at the Energetics Institute.

If you are concerned that you may have an issue with smartphone addiction, you may benefit from talking to a therapist to assess the extent of your problem and recommend a course of treatment. No matter what addiction you are currently dealing with digital or otherwise, At the Energetics Insitute, we offer personal and effective addiction counselling services in Perth. Let’s see what the best treatment for your smartphone addiction is!

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