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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – What to expect

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – What to expect

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) involves talking to a psychotherapist about your feelings, thoughts and emotions. It will enable you to become more aware of your “self“, especially when faced with a challenging situation.

Negative thought patterns lead to negative emotions, which can affect how you react to things in your surroundings. Often, this adverse reaction is the root of problems in social relationships.

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What to expect during the session?

With Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, you are expected to discuss your emotions, thoughts, feelings and other things that are bothering you. Psychotherapy is a safe avenue for sharing and discussing negative beliefs, thoughts and feelings.

CBT can be done one-on-one with the family or through a support group. The psychotherapist can also administer the therapy online.

Here’s what you should expect during your CBT sessions:

Understand your condition

The first step in CBT is to identify and understand the nature of your condition. Learning and understanding your situation means admitting to the problem. At this point, the psychotherapist can help you decide as to how you can deal with your issues systematically. There is a need to prioritise which issue you should focus on addressing first.

Learn techniques on how to reduce your symptoms

After discovering and learning about your condition, you will be more aware of your thoughts and emotions. You can now control your feelings and emotions by learning techniques that can help reduce your symptoms. Breathing and self-talk are amongst the essential techniques that you should learn during the CBT sessions. Your psychotherapist will also encourage you to get involved in recreational activities for brain stimulation and muscle relaxation.

Talk about yourself

During the CBT session, the psychotherapist will encourage you to talk about yourself a lot. There is a need to express yourself without inhibitions for the therapy to work effectively. Talking about your situation is therapeutic. Exchanging thoughts with the psychotherapist will enable you to get a different perspective of the situation or interpretation of things that surround you.

A burst of strong emotions

It is understandable that you may become emotional. The emotional release can make you feel better about yourself and enable you to think clearly afterwards. The psychotherapist will allow you to use a different medium in expressing your emotions safely, particularly emotions such as anger, grief, sadness or anxiety. Let your natural feelings and emotions flow to express yourself better.

Change negative thinking patterns to positive ones

Convincing yourself that your thoughts are misguided can be a challenge. People with mental conditions interpret things differently, which affects their mental patterns. The psychotherapist will help you understand the importance of changing your negative thinking to positive ones. It includes guiding you on how to rationalise things and achieve a better decision.

How long will the therapy last?

The duration of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy depends on your condition, symptoms, progression and amount of stress, anxiety, depression, or debilitation that you are experiencing. However, in most cases, CBT can last from 5 to 10 sessions.

In Conclusion 

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a big help if you are experiencing a mental condition. It may not entirely cure your condition, but it can definitely lessen your symptoms and make you feel better.

Body Psychotherapy, such as that which Energetics Institute offers, can then pickup where CBT leaves off, and deepen and further your healing journey. If you want to have a successful result, it is essential, to be honest and open about yourself. Build a trusting relationship with the psychotherapist and allow yourself to heal.

Lastly, do not expect to get the best result in an instant. Usually, it takes time! Make an effort.

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