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What is Cellular Consciousness

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2022 June 28, 2015 no comments

What is Cellular Consciousness

What is Cellular Consciousness? The stance of Materialistic Science in regards to the human condition traditionally revolved largely around Darwin and the genetic determinism theories that came from his research in the 1850’s. Darwin’s studies of animal species which lead to his publication of “A Theory on The Origin of the Species”, became the determining dogma for science.

Its conclusions were basically interpreted as that human beings are born hard-wired, with their genes giving them all their potential characteristics of personality and BodyMind health. Under this view effectively the environment does not play any significant role in shaping the human condition.

In 1953 the discovery of the DNA by Watson and Crick seemed to reinforce this hard wired, genetic determinism model, which also neatly fitted into the mechanistic and materialistic model of science. In these findings, the DNA double helix spiral was found to exist within the nucleus of every cell.

The genetic code or inherited information was encoded as blueprints for the reproduction of proteins, messenger molecules, and other physical and possibly emotional expression of the human condition. Genes were also thought to be “self expressing”, meaning they would issue replicated cells or molecules or proteins from their own volition, without prompts or stimulus from outside sources.

In this nature versus nurture debate, it appeared that this discovery reinforced the argument of the “nature” camp of the debate. This was another apparent nail in the coffin of “nurture” and reinforced the view of hardwired, mechanistic arguments of  the “nature” view of reality.

However in the 1980’s as technology allowed us to manipulate and work with the cells themselves, a new reality emerged. Scientists starting doing “cell enucleating” work where the nucleus was literally removed from the cell.

The hypothesis under prevailing science was that the cell would die as the “heart” of the cell, with its DNA content and mechanism, would be removed, leaving only the cellular membrane and other insignificant inner elements of the cell. However something unexpected happened.

The surprise results were that the cells still lived and thrived, and responded to their environment, performing many other cellular level functions. This confronted science and led to firstly a scientific community form of denial, then an ongoing debate, till finally a reluctant acceptance of a new paradigm of cellular life was accepted.

In this new paradigm it has been found that the cell nucleus is nothing more than basically a “photocopier”, it is the store of templates and genetic material for physical protein and cell replication as originally thought. However it is effectively “dumb”, as it cannot “self express” or produce such things from its own volition.

It was found that a more complicated process exists where the cell membrane are involved in driving  the expression of the nucleus DNA replication processes, and it is the cell membrane that is effectively the “mind”, determinant or consciousness of the cell. By this we start to understand how perception and belief start to form in the human condition down to every cell within humans.

The cell membrane is the boundary between the outside physical environment, and the inner world of the cell. Its critical job is to interpret the stimulus and signals from “out there” in the environment of the cell, via membrane surface studded mechanisms called cellular receptors.

Receptors operate to identify and “connect” with only certain stimulus of either a physical, chemical or energetic signature or configuration, and then translate that reality into an internal message, instruction, or reaction inside the cell.

This is effectively a perceptual, interpretive function that creates a “transcription” of what is happening “out there” into an outcome inside the cell. The cell membrane, using processes inside the cell, issues the command to the nucleus to respond to the stimulus just received from “out there”.

The nucleus, being under instruction just follows orders and responds with an expression of DNA output, or cell navigation or other outcomes. There is complexity within this overall process.

Critically the cell is now seen to be interpreting our environment into whatever adapted reality it can inside the cell, with the purpose of ensuring we survive and thrive in our environment. At the Energetics Institute, we personally call our cells the cellf, instead of the self, to show the direct correlation and link from micro level cell consciousness, to the macro level self consciousness of traditional psychology.

The billions of cells that make us all up are collectively operating this way. Some have an external environment that is inside the body, others such as our skin and our other sense awareness organs such as the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and imagination, all function to receive stimulus and make “meaning” of that external “out there” stimulus for us.

This cellular level process feeds into the various nervous systems of the body, and into the muscles, and the knock on effect starts to give rise to our emerging Self consciousness in our bodies and our minds, which we call the BodyMind.

Critically this is a bi-directional process. The information relating from the cellular level translation of the environment is passed upward through the body and nervous system into the Reptilian and Limbic brains. This is a bottom-up form of processing that neuroscience talks about.

The brain processes or interprets that information through its unconscious belief systems and “seems like feels like” interpretive functions. These process help give us a subjective reality at another level, and which create “top down” instructions from the frontal cortex brain down to the cells.

In the brain it is our unconscious beliefs, images, and defences that we work with in therapy to assist a client to change their reality and unconscious, repetitive patterns that show up in their life. They are created and impacted by bi-directional bottom-up and top-down modes of BodyMind mediated communication.

The information pathways in the body are physical via molecules of emotion and the nervous systems of the body. Eastern thought also proposes that energy pathways play a role in the transmission of E-motion or emotion in the human BodyMind.

The word “emotion” is Greek and means Energy in motion. Emotions are seen to be energetic as well as physical in this model.  The other key discovery is that in the bi-directional information pathways, the brain issues information to the cells along the same pathways.

Even more surprising is that science has now found a gene process whose job it is to update the gene structure or DNA double helix spiral. This has implications as old science posited that our genes are hardwired and do not change over the course of our life.

The realisations from therapy that change our beliefs and images and other perceptual and instinctual traits, may possibly be written back to the gene encoded information in our cells. This is a line of thinking being followed up in the science of Epigenetics and at this stage at least theoretically a process that is feasible to happen and has been found to exist in certain circumstances.

This makes evolutionary sense as it means that all through life as we adapt to our environments and we make changes to our beliefs, thinking, brain images and unconscious information. These adaptations are not all lost in this life but may be part of what is passed on in inheritance to our children at some level via the rewiring of our DNA which at conception then gets passed down to our children as an up-to-the-moment adapted DNA pool.

Some authors are now speculating that emotional intelligence is also encoded somewhere in the DNA and is passed as the basic blueprint for subsequent generations to start from. There is now found to be meaning and significance in what old science called our “junk DNA” important epigenetic affected material.

This would mean that people doing effective therapy would be passing a dividend on to their offspring via enhanced emotional DNA or whatever level of that information is encoded and passed in physical DNA strings in our cells we may not yet fully understand.

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