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Can Stress Cause Depression

By: Richard Boyd Copyright © 2021 February 2, 2020 no comments

Can Stress Cause Depression

Stress is a biological response to daily activities. It can also affect your health if mishandled and uncontrolled. Too much stress can lead to mental and physical conditions such as depression. Stress-related depression can be addressed through stress management. Seeking professional help for stress management is recommended. Reach out to Energetics Institute for a stress management course in Perth.

The manifestation of stress differs from person to person.  Good stress can keep you motivated, focus and productive. On the other hand, bad stress can lead to irritability, sleeping problems, headaches and body pains. Most importantly, prolonged stress can lead to a nervous breakdown! If your worried about your own stress management or you think your on the slump and need assistance with depression therapy our team would love to help you get your life back on track.

How is stress related to depression?

Too much stress can overwork the body’s stress response mechanism. The weakening of the body’s stress response system can elevate the stress hormones and reduce serotonin and other brain neurotransmitters. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that is associated with depression. Reduced dopamine levels can lead to depression and other types of mental conditions.

So, can stress cause depression?

Definitely. Too much stress can quickly turn into depression. If your stress response begins to weaken, depression and other types of mental conditions may occur. Studies suggest that there is a strong connection between emotional stress and depression. In a 2012 study, researchers found that stress is one of the biggest contributors to depression amongst women.

How can you avoid stress to prevent depression?

Stress management is one of the best ways to prevent depression. It will allow you to manage your condition while recuperating or living with it. Talking to a psychotherapist is also a big help. It can help you achieve the most effective stress management plan.

Moreover, here are other ways to manage your symptoms:

Go for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle can increase your resistance to stress. Proper diet, eight-hour sleep, and exercise can help you achieve a better stress response system. Get enough rest to fuel your mind and body. Reduce caffeine intake, no to alcohol and drugs can help you complete the quest to an effective stress management plan.

Learn to take things slow 

Do not rush things. Learn to take everything slowly. Do not feel disappointed if you fail. There is always a right time for everything.

Stay away from a stressful environment

 Stay away from a toxic and stressful environment. It can elevate your stress level which can lead to a serious mental condition such as depression. It is not worth it staying in an environment that can compromise your physical and mental health. So, give it up!

Learn to cope 

Learn to relieve your stress at the moment. There are a few stress management techniques that you can try until the stress subsides. These include taking deep breaths, meditation and doing specific relaxation techniques. These strategies can help you achieve self-awareness and focus.

Talk to a professional at Energetics Institute

 If you think that your stress level is way too high, it is about time to consider seeing a qualified and experienced therapist. Energetics Institute provides different types of psychological therapies that can help you overcome your situation. Get professional help as early as you can.

Reach out Energetics Institute for details about the stress management in Perth.

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