Anxiety and Depression Support Group

Our New Anxiety and Depression Support Group will start on Wednesday April 1 2020, and run every second Wednesday night.

The cost is $50 per session.  Please contact us on depression anxiety support groups perth, if you wish to enquire about joining this group.


This facilitated group is for anyone who is struggling with ongoing depression and anxiety in their life, and wants to both learn more, and also get support and learn non-drug techniques to address both symptoms and causes of each disorder.

We accept anyone from the age 16 and above in this ongoing facilitated group process. It is suitable for those who may want to access a few sessions of support or who want to make a longer term commitment to dealing with these mental health issues.

There are many causes and origins behind the manifestations of anxiety and depression. But each have a relationship to the way sufferers learn to respond to events like stress and trauma. Both the body and the mind play their part in triggering episodes of anxiety and depression, and there are useful ways to intervene in both bodily processes, and the mental thinking parts of oneself to take control of, stabilise, reduce the intensity of, and in a longer term, create the basis for healing Depression and Anxiety.

About the Session Coordinator

Our head therapist Richard Boyd is your trained facilitator who has a thorough understanding of anxiety and depression dynamics, and regularly practices in this field as part of his Energetics Institute psychotherapy practice in Perth.

Richard is an experienced psychotherapist and neuroscience informed trauma practitioner who is able to explain and support those with deeper complex issues such as trauma or abuse, how the anxiety and depression results and arises as symptoms to these types of issues.

Richard will teach and facilitate all of the above aspects of dealing with anxiety and depression, whilst also checking in each week with attendees to review and support where they are at within themselves.

Being with a group of like-experienced people will allow for new insights to be gained, and to get support as well as appreciate you are not alone. You will realise that you are OK and that your anxiety and/or depression is a condition that can be managed and have successful intervention strategies which are not drug-centric.

Session Information

The encounter group runs fortnightly on a Wednesday starting on April 1, starting at 7pm and concluding at 9pm.  The cost is $50 per session.

If you are interested in one on one sessions find out information about individual depression counselling and anxiety counselling today.

Additionally if you have any questions about the sessions or about any other treatment or psychotherapy issues Email us now.

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