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We are empathetic, experienced and qualified Psychotherapists committed to respectful, ethical and professional Psychotherapy and Counselling solutions for our clients in Perth and in Western Australia.

Family Run Practice

Professional & Empathetic

We have been running our family practice since 2005 in Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia. We are Richard and Helena Boyd, a husband and wife team and we are Psychotherapists and Directors of the Energetics Institute.

Body Psychotherapy

Healing Body, Mind and Emotions

Our Body Psychotherapy goes beyond traditional counselling to heal the root causes of many emotional and physical conditions.  We work wholistically, helping to liberate your body and mind, restoring your peace.

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Caring and Supportive

We offer to clients in Perth, Online counselling including Skype, Facetime and Whatsapp, Email and Phone Counselling as well as continued face-to-face sessions with safe distancing and best practice hygiene in place.

Psychotherapy and Counselling
We provide effective Psychotherapy and Counselling services in Perth, Western Australia.
Family Run Practice
Richard and Helena Boyd, a husband and wife team are the Directors of the Energetics Institute.
Body Psychotherapy
We successfully treat a range of conditions as we work with your body, mind and emotions.
Covid-19 Coronavirus Counselling Perth
Covid-19 Coronavirus Counselling Perth

Welcome to Energetics Institute in Perth 

Conditions Treated

Over 30 Conditions

As mental health professionals, our empathetic Psychotherapists use a variety of natural remedies to treat a wide range of mental health issues & conditions.  We have particular success using our Body Mind therapy in our Depression Treatment, Anxiety disorders, and PTSD Treatment. Someone who presents with these conditions generally has restriction in the breath in the upper half of the body. There also tends to be an excess of energy in the head region contributing to worry and stress, and energy depletion in the lower half of the body. We can show you specific techniques to unlock and move energies, so you have more harmony in your body and you can restore your peace of mind.

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Heal your Anxiety using various body mind techniques and thereby put a  stop to recurring irrational thoughts and distorted beliefs.


Cure your Depression and feel more energised in both your body and mind so you can authentically live vibrantly in the present moment.

PTSD & Trauma

Turn off the switch on your PTSD so you can start to feel safe again.  We can help you resolve simple and complex trauma.

Anger Management

Express and manage your anger so you feel safe within yourself and with others.  Disarm your anger in a healthy grounded way.

Services Provided

Wide Range Available

Our mental health professionals are personable and experienced Psychotherapists who offer a large selection of effective Psychotherapy and Counselling services for people in Perth.

We see people from all walks of life, presenting with different issues.  Some are wanting just a couple of sessions to address a specific concern.   Others are wanting to address long standing conditions and may require deeper and more extended solutions.

Energetics Institute provides a wide range of Psychotherapy and Counselling solutions including Individual Therapy, Relationship Counselling, Marriage Counselling, Family Therapy, Group Therapy and Online Therapy. These services are all structured to improve your mental health or mental illness.

We are psychotherapists who can provide tailored therapy to suit your needs.  We have the knowledge and experience to provide you with practical intervention, as well as customised support and information to help your overall mental health.


All Services Provided


Work through personal problems in a positive way by exploring options, gaining clarity, developing solutions and increasing self awareness.


Eliminate or control troubling symptoms or dynamics so you can function better, restore your wellbeing and increase your healing.


Resolve conflicts and explore your relationship with your partner so there is more intimacy, understanding, trust and equality.


Develop intimate respectful relationships within your family and learn to communicate better and find new ways to work together.

Perth Based

Upcoming Events

We run a range of events in Perth including seminars, workshops and retreats. In these sessions we talk about a variety of issues that improve both mental health and mental illness.
You can easily book into any of our events and hear what our health professionals have to say.

There are no upcoming events at this time

Questions People Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is an outline of the most common FAQs and answers if you are considering doing Counselling, Psychotherapy or Body Psychotherapy with us.

You can also check out our information related to Fees and Appointments, Cancellations and Confidentiality.

What kind of commitment is required from you as a client?

Depending on the issue we are working on, and depending on the stage of therapy, the session may involve just counselling which is talking only, or it may involve a cognitive, or emotionally expressive component if you wish to consider doing Psychotherapy.  Our Body Psychotherapy requires bodily, emotional, mental and energetic engagement and commitment.

Where the session involves Body Psychotherapy, or works with elevating unconscious material into conscious awareness for healing, at the end of a session you may feel like you have expressed and exerted yourself in a way that creates a relaxed tiredness just like after a workout at the gym.  During the session uncomfortable memories and emotions may come up.  In addition your therapist may ask you to do some exercise every day or keep a daily journal.  Real progress will come after several weeks or months of regular sessions. The therapist will discuss and review progress on a regular basis with you.

What can I expect from a therapy session?

No two therapy sessions are the same but a session might go something like this:
1. Discussion of the issue you wish to work on
2. The therapist may use techniques such as Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Voice Dialogue, Bodymind exercises or Breathwork if a session needs to bring certain emotions to the surface.
3. You express the emotion physically and vocally which can provide you with a sense or release and peace.
4. Integration and conclusion, where the therapist integrates the work with you.  As the client, you will never leave in a position of feeling unsafe or vulnerable.

Generally clients are seen for a 55 minute session either weekly or fortnightly.  Usually there would be an initial consultation followed by a trial period of about six sessions.  After this initial phase you can decide whether you wish to continue or not.

How long does our therapy usually last and what does it involve?

Each of us is different, and we each have our own unique issues, needs and wants.  Because of this it is difficult to answer such a question generically.  Normally once we have conducted the initial Confidential Client Interview and discussed the goals for therapy with you, we will be able to start to map out a therapy plan and timeline for therapy.  Counselling or Psychotherapy can last for just a few sessions or for longer. The length of therapy depends on the nature of your problem as well as your goals for therapy.  Short term therapy may last only a few months but for more in depth self discovery it is likely to last a couple of years.

As the client, you agree an approach with the therapist and retain the choice and decision on how long you wish to work with the therapist. Research shows that 50% of the healing in therapy comes about from the positive relationship created in the therapy alliance between the client and therapist, with the other 50% coming from specific techniques employed in therapy.

How often and for how long should I do counselling or therapy?

With some presenting issues, you may just need a couple of sessions to get the required advice and support from a counsellor to help you move forward.  However, in most cases, you need to consider that it may have taken years to create some of the emotional conditions that you are experiencing.  Therefore it is probably going to take at least a couple of sessions to start unravelling and understanding certain dynamics and may even take a few more sessions before you start feeling the tangible benefits of counselling or therapy.

We recommend to new clients to consider doing a minimum of 6 sessions before you can make an informed decision.  The first couple of sessions generally involve the therapist discussing the presenting issues and covering all aspects of your history including you family of origin, relationship history, work history and medical history.  We recommend that new clients attend weekly, and as you make progress, that can be reduced to fortnightly or monthly.

Can I start therapy if I’m on medication for depression or anxiety disorders?

As psychotherapists we cannot prescribe any form of drug.  Mainstream medical research shows for numerous conditions that you will normally achieve better health outcomes when you adopt a psychotherapy program in conjunction with a medicated program, versus just solely relying on a medicated program alone.  We liaise with medical professionals with your consent to understand the treatment approach where required.

If you have a goal to reduce and then get off your medication, counselling is the best way to maximise the potential to achieve that long term outcome.  Medication may be required to stabilise and help you to functionally cope with life and so this is prudent that this continue.  However medication may be suppressing or masking the behavioural symptoms of an issue such as depression or anxiety, but does not fix the original cause of your problem.

Working in conjunction with a therapist while you lower your dosage is the best and most effective way to safely go off your medication and at the same time eliminate the underlying mental health issue such as depression or anxiety that made you go on medication in the first place.

We do an inventory of your current medication mix when we conduct your initial Confidential Client Interview.  We encourage you to advise your GP or medical professional as to when you feel better and stronger within yourself as a consequence of therapy to allow you and them to work out a weaning off program where appropriate.

How is Body Psychotherapy different from Counselling and Psychology?

Counselling can cover a wide scope of practices and typically involves talk based sessions with clients.  A counsellor helps you to find ways to tackle issues, better use your existing resources, find your own solutions to problems and better deal with your situation.  A counsellor may generally not give advice, but help you to make your own choices.

Psychotherapy is both a discussion and then an experiential process shaped around opening up your deep seated and early life dynamics that are now entrenched patterns of unconscious defence or coping, and releasing or adjusting these towards more adjusted and healthy living.  A psychotherapist can separate out the manifesting symptoms from the underlying causes and work to heal you and your dynamics.  It may involve opening up the emotional and trauma reactions and experientially resolving them or bring them to completion.

Body Psychotherapy understands that the body is in fact the unconscious mind that is considered in classical psychology as only a mental factor. We work with releasing blocked and negative trauma and emotions stored at the level of the muscles, organs and cellular memory.  Body Psychotherapy is very effective and many of our clients report a degree of resolution and heightened awareness and hope from their first session.

Should I do Individual Counselling, Couples Therapy or Group Therapy?

Individual Therapy is recommended if you wish to work on personal issues or conditions.  The objective is the reduction or cessation of your individual symptoms such as anxiety, depression, trauma, anger management, phobias, and addictions.  You will be engaged in a one-on-one therapeutic relationship with the therapist to help resolve certain behaviours.

Couples Therapy can help if you want to resolve difficulties in your relationship or you wish to explore ways how you can improve certain aspects such as intimacy, trust and equality with your partner.  At times in a couples session, the therapist may observe elements from the family of origin of one or both partners impacting the relationship.  The therapist would then recommend that one or both partners consider exploring individual therapy to address those issues separately, to avoid them being projected into and negatively affecting the relationship.

Group Therapy involves interaction with people who are generally not known to each other.  Group members can benefit by emotionally supporting each other and gain clarity by receiving feedback from others.  If someone is brand new to therapy, we generally recommend that you consider doing some individual sessions in advance, so you have some level of awareness of the origins and dynamics of your issues.  Sometimes the interaction between group members can reveal the dynamics that were created in their respective family of origin.

Are therapy sessions rebateable by Medicare and Private Health Funds?

The Mental Health Plan that GP’s offer through Medicare is for individuals with mental health issues as diagnosed by a GP, Psychiatrist or Clinical Psychologist. Our services are not covered under the Medicare Mental Health Plan model and so our session fees are neither covered by Medicare, or rebateable through Medicare.  The various Private Health Cover (health care) operators recognise clinical psychologists but not all recognise counsellors or psychotherapists under their plans. You need to make contact with your Private Health cover provider to ensure you are eligible to claim for our services before booking an appointment.

The use of Medicare or Private Health providers to pay for seeing someone about your mental health opens up ethical questions around privacy. These entities will keep records of the fact that you have requested support for a mental health issue previously.  There have been examples shown in the press where the records kept by these bodies have been disclosed without consent to third parties, and where that disclosure may have a negative impact on employment candidate applications and selections, bank and insurance applications, or claims being made to insurers for personal events.  Energetics Institute will not disclose or share information with any third party health care provider unless under a formal legal court subpoena, as we believe that your privacy and confidentiality is critical to feeling safe in the therapy process.

Online Therapy

At the Energetics Institute, as well as offering Individual Therapy in Perth, we also offer Online Counselling services to people living in remote and rural areas. This can be convenient if you unable to attend our practice or you have a very busy lifestyle.

We offer these services which you can avail of, in the privacy and comfort of your own home:

Email Counselling

Skype Counselling

Phone Counselling

Richard & Helena Boyd

About Us

We work as Body Psychotherapists from our family practice in Inglewood, Perth, Western Australia.  We are the Directors of the Energetics Institute and have been seeing clients since 2005.

We each have a strong commitment to our own personal growth and to our relationship with each other.  We have been married to each other for nearly 20 years.

Body Psychotherapy complements our lifelong interest in psychology, healing, spirituality and emerging bodymind sciences.

Your Body and Mind are One

We use a unique fusion of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Body Psychotherapy where our objective is to wholistically heal your issues, as we consciously work with and incorporate your body, mind and emotions.

We feel passionate about the power and benefits of Body Psychotherapy as it allows you to access the root causes of many issues and from there successfully enable deep and long-term positive change.

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What People are Saying


Here are some reviews from different people about their experience of working with us in therapy.

Featured Articles
Energetics Institute Director Helena, a highly skilled psychotherapist I attended regular sessions in Perth and online. Thank you so much Helena offering a practical energetic focus in sessions, with your depth of wisdom, ‘realness’ and genuine understanding. I’ve always felt encouraged, safe & supported and applying it to my life ...
Clare Flynn
I have known Richard for a few years and meet with him weekly for a chat. I assist his clients who require legal services and they speak highly of him. I have attended some of his courses which are informative and topical. Richard is personable and experienced and a world ...
Jules Lewin, Solicitor
Living is about dealing with people. To become successful professionally or personally you must first understand why people think and behave in certain ways. Richard Boyd exposes the truth about human nature to help us better recognize and perfect the art of inter-personal interaction.Richard Boyd through Energetics Institute will equip ...
Oscar Fong
Business confidant, personal champion and life coach...all roles that I trust Richard with. Richard has unique and multifaceted skills and working with him closely over time has been incredibly grounding and empowering. I highly value his support and the partnership he provides in my business and personal life.
Tanya Barretto, Director at The Cheese Maker
My experience with Richard was definitely far different from previous sessions I have had with Psychologists and Psychiatrists in the past. Being a Psychotherapist, his approach to my struggles with Anorexia provided me with so much more clarity and understanding as to why I was drawn to this illness.After just ...
Before I began my sessions with Richard I was feeling emotionally lost. Richard helped me to identify the root of my issues. Then he gave me the tools to manage my emotions and take control of my life.
Over the past 18 months I have been working with Richard learning to understand myself, why I do what a do and why I am who I am. This work has helped me develop a great acceptance and appreciation of who I am and why I operate as I do, ...
I'm not so sure I can accurately put into words how much your assistance has helped me to get my life sorted and be able to help others understand the enormity of benefits associated with giving Body Psychotherapy a go.I have seen many counsellors, therapists etc over the years since ...
Richard and the Energetics Institute has helped me leaps and bounds in a very short period of time. I have a very high tolerance for stress and have developed good coping mechanises for a range of stressors and because of this I was unaware of the true detrimental nature of ...
Pam, Business Owner
Richard has been a sympathetic, supportive therapist.  He has challenged my thinking and affirmed physical tools to help control anxiety and release tension held in my body.  He has a network of supportive practitioners in fields that expand the care and promote healing.  I am very grateful to his help ...
Rosemarie Kenny, Real Estate Agent
Before I met Richard my life was at a crossroad.I knew deep down inside that  there was more to life than I was already experiencing, but I just was not sure how to achieve it. I had thought that I was pretty much healed with the past extensive therapy and ...
Jane Johnson
Through my few years of therapy, I have come to know Richard Boyd as a man of great knowledge.  His heart brings forward the wisdom of so much that there is to learn.  In sessions, Richard has a unique gift of pinpointing out directly what is happening.  He can see ...
Mari Eriksson Sætre, Journalist
Helena Boyd has awareness, knowledge, sensitivity and wisdom coupled with feminine strength that guides you without effort on unknown emotional landscapes.
Anna Wann
I saw Helena Boyd for a couple of years, weekly, whilst suffering with severe Post Natal Depression and Anxiety after giving birth to twins. I vividly remember days when i would walk into her home office, crippled with anxiety, and somehow would walk out feeling the cloud had lifted and ...
Lucia Santostefano
Richard is a fantastic coach, very knowledgeable and insightful with both business and personal matters, highly recommended.
Matt Condit
Richard is a very skilled and knowledgeable therapist who is understanding and empathetic. His practice is run with professionalism and integrity, is a very safe and supportive space.
Karly Malone
I have been meeting Helena regularly for the past few months and I could not recommend her job as psychotherapist highly enough. It was the first time I came across a core energetics approach for my issues but, both her professionalism and knowledge on that matter, made me realize soon ...
Chiara Civitelli
Helena has a true gift into understanding and guiding you to be the best version of yourself and navigating life's challenges. She offers a safe space to allow your healing to unfold and nurtured every step along this journey called life. Warmest gratitude and love.
Sarah Gibson
I have been a client of Richard's for many years. Richard uses various healing systems depending on the issue which has helped me move forward in my journey. Over the years prior to seeing Richard I was spending money and time on various therapies where I still came away with ...
Nola Kennett
I saw Helena over four years through my mid 20's. She always had time for me and offered a safe and welcoming environment in the home. One session can be very powerful. Cannot recommend enough for anyone seeking to challenge and open themselves to a more joyful existence in adult ...
Phoebe Cristinelli
HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Service - Both Richard & Helena are excellent at what they deliver to help you. Both myself & my son owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the Counseling & Energetics work they have done with us over the years. Our story is hugely personal, but ...
Lynette Gardner
I worked with Helena for about 3 years. During that time she became a reliable and compassionate shoulder, helping me to see challenges with a clear head and accept myself. I believe that the energetic work is key to evolve and be more in our body rather than in a ...
Marian Morales
Richard is a remarkable psychotherapist and man! My partner and I have been seeing Richard weekly for the past 9 months for ourselves and our relationship. We can honestly say we are together thanks to the insight and tools Richard has given us.He is the most knowledgeable person I have ...
Jennifer Fogarty
If you are a looking not only for an extremely prepared professional but also for a beautiful and sensitive human being Helena is the right person for you.I have been working with her for 5 months now and the help she has been able to provide me is huge.I highly ...
Federico Chianucci
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