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Counselling Perth

Experienced & Personalised Counselling in Perth

Energetics Institute offers superior counselling services in Perth, WA. We pride ourselves on being empathetic and respectful counsellors and psychotherapists, and we treat individuals, couples, families, and groups seeking guidance through personal, relationship, family, or work-related difficulties. We strive to create a safe, confidential, and respectful environment for those who need therapy.

Family Run Practice

Professional & Empathetic

Our practice is family-owned by husband and wife duo Richard and Helena Boyd. They both work at Energetics Institute as psychotherapists specialising in Body Psychotherapy. Our therapy services are unlike any other in Perth. We offer a unique blend of counselling, psychotherapy, and body psychotherapy to best meet our clients’ needs.

What We Offer

Healing Body, Mind and Mental Health

At Energetics Institute, we offer services in Inglewood, Perth, WA. Please fill out our convenient online form to book your first appointment now, or give us a call at 0414 897024 to discuss which counselling services might be right for you.

Psychotherapy and Counselling
We provide effective Psychotherapy and Counselling services in Perth, Western Australia.
Family Run Practice
Richard and Helena Boyd, are a husband and wife team who are the directors of the Energetics Institute.
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We successfully treat a range of conditions as we work with your body, mind and emotions.

Conditions Treated

Over 30 Conditions Treated

Our empathetic, professional psychotherapists use a diverse range of natural remedies and experiences to treat a wide variety of mental health issues & conditions. We have particular success using our Body Mind and cognitive behaviour therapy to treat issues like Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD. Someone who presents with these conditions generally has restrictions in the breath in the upper half of the body. There also tends to be an excess of energy in the head region contributing to worry and stress and energy depletion in the lower half of the body. In our appointments, we can show you specific techniques to unlock and move energies, so you have more harmony in your body and you can restore your peace of mind.

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Anxiety Counselling

Heal your Anxiety using various body mind techniques and thereby put a stop to recurring irrational thoughts and distorted beliefs.

Depression Counselling

Cure your Depression and feel more energised in both your body and mind so you can authentically live vibrantly in the present moment.

Trauma Counselling

Our trained counsellors use sensorimotor trauma resolution and body psychotherapy to help you escape the effects of PTSD.

Anger Management Counselling

Express and manage your anger so you feel safe within yourself and with others.  Disarm your anger in a healthy grounded way.

Energetics Institute

Counselling Services in Perth

As counselling Perth professionals, the Energetics Institute provides a wide range of psychotherapy and counselling services including individual therapy, relationship therapy, marriage therapy, family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy and online therapy. These services are all structured to improve your mental health.

As mental health professionals, we are personable and experienced. We see a diverse range of people from all walks of life, presenting with different issues. Some want just a few sessions to address a specific concern, while others are wanting to address long-standing conditions that they have been facing.

We have the knowledge and broad range of experience to provide you with practical intervention, as well as customised support and information to help your overall mental wellbeing.

At Energetics Institute, we offer a comprehensive range of counselling services, with options available for everyone. Our counselling services include:

Individual Counselling

We work with individuals of all ages. Whether you’re working through a traumatic event or experiencing depression and anxiety, our experienced counsellors can help with your mental health.


Here, you’ll get in touch with your feelings and express your thoughts. Your therapist can find the source of your issues and treat them accordingly.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship counselling involves treating both partners using body-mind psychotherapy/counselling approaches to work on communication, personal growth, relationship breakdown and emotional clarity between you and your loved one. 

Family Counselling

When you and your family reach a point when you cannot resolve conflict on your own, professional counselling may be able to help. Our trained counsellors in Perth strive to help families live peacefully with healthy boundaries and open communication. 

Make A Counselling Appointment

Seeking Counselling? Our appointments are relaxed, professional, and friendly. If you feel like you need practical support so you can discuss issues in your life and create solid interventions to help solve many mental health issues, please call us to make an appointment at our private practice.

Richard & Helena Boyd

About Our Counsellors

If you’re searching for the right counsellor in Perth, look no further. Our skilled psychotherapists have over 16 years of experience in counselling in Perth, WA. We effectively use our expertise to treat individuals suffering from mental health problems, relationship conflicts, and personal difficulties. 

We create a non-judgemental, caring, and ethical space for each client to build a positive relationship with their therapist. 

Helena Boyd sees individuals and couples and gives clients a confidential and empathetic environment to address all kinds of problems. She strives to make her clients feel safe and offers consistent and effective treatments. 

Your Body and Mind are One

Richard Boyd works with individuals, couples, families, and groups while blending traditional psychotherapy techniques with neuroscience. He offers clients hope with his warm presence and enthusiasm for healing. 

 Our family-run practice offers a liberating and unique experience as we enable you to evolve and grow through effective therapy. We want to help you build long-term habits and create lasting positive change in every aspect of your life. At the Energetics Institute, you come first – your health is our top priority. 

Get Started with

The Psychotherapists at Energetics Institute Today

At Energetics Institute, it is an honour to be one of the leading counselling and psychotherapy practices in Perth, WA. We proudly offer a unique therapy experience that you won’t find anywhere else. 

 Our counsellors can help with anxiety, addiction, depression, PTSD, eating disorders, anger management, grief, panic attacks, loneliness, phobias, parenting issues, relationship issues, sexual abuse, trauma, stress management, and more. 

 If you’re ready to begin your psychotherapy journey with our trained counsellors, you can book your first appointment right now. Our sessions range from $150 to $175 for a 55-minute session.

Questions People Ask

About Our Perth Counselling Services

We are experienced psychotherapists and have extensive experience working with the people of Perth. Below is an outline of the most common FAQs and answers if you are considering doing Counselling, Psychotherapy or Body Psychotherapy with us.


You can also check out information related to our mental health services in relation to Fees and Appointments, Cancellations, and Confidentiality on our About Us page.

What People are Saying

About Their Counselling Sessions

Reviews on our Perth counselling services.

Featured Articles
Business confidant, personal champion and life coach...all roles that I trust Richard with. Richard has unique and multifaceted skills and working with him closely over time has been incredibly grounding and empowering. I highly value his support and the partnership he provides in my business and personal life.
Tanya Barretto, Director at The Cheese Maker
Helena Boyd has awareness, knowledge, sensitivity and wisdom coupled with feminine strength that guides you without effort on unknown emotional landscapes.
Anna Wann
I have been a client of Richard's for many years. Richard uses various healing systems depending on the issue which has helped me move forward in my journey. Over the years prior to seeing Richard I was spending money and time on various therapies where I still came away with ...
Nola Kennett
I saw Helena over four years through my mid 20's. She always had time for me and offered a safe and welcoming environment in the home. One session can be very powerful. Cannot recommend enough for anyone seeking to challenge and open themselves to a more joyful existence in adult ...
Phoebe Cristinelli
HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Service - Both Richard & Helena are excellent at what they deliver to help you. Both myself & my son owe them a huge debt of gratitude for the Counseling & Energetics work they have done with us over the years. Our story is hugely personal, but ...
Lynette Gardner
If you are a looking not only for an extremely prepared professional but also for a beautiful and sensitive human being Helena is the right person for you.I have been working with her for 5 months now and the help she has been able to provide me is huge.I highly ...
Federico Chianucci
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